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Female patient getting fillers on her cheeks

6 Best Treatments for Sagging Cheeks

Maintaining our well-sculpted facial features is key in order to continue to resemble our younger selves. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Once aging catches up, it’s normal to see fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear on our skin. The skin naturally loses its elasticity and suppleness, leaving us with loose or sagging cheeks and jawline, revealing our actual age or making us appear…

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December 18, 2020
Side view of a woman’s face before and after lip fillers

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

Thanks to the influences of celebrities like the Kardashians, cosmetic lip injections are a widely-popular option for getting…

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December 4, 2020
Hands with pink gloves applying a white face mask on a woman

The Ultimate Guide to Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia is the enlargement of breast tissues in males. Although it’s not necessarily fatal, this medical condition can…

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November 26, 2020
Female client getting a chemical peel

Ingredients Used in Chemical Peels

Over the years, chemical peels have become a go-to cosmetic skincare treatment to effectively address an extensive array…

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November 12, 2020
Woman measuring one thigh with a measuring tape

Are Body-Sculpting Treatments Permanent?

Body-sculpting treatments can be a gift for people who want to achieve the perfect silhouette without going under…

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October 22, 2020
Portrait shot of a woman’s face with outlines for plastic surgery

Everything You Need to Know About Plastic Surgery ...

Plastic surgery scars are a top concern for many clients contemplating going through this cosmetic enhancement procedure. In…

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October 8, 2020
Pregnant woman with exposed belly

How Pregnancy Affects Tummy Tuck Procedures

Tummy tuck surgery is a very popular cosmetic procedure among women because of its amazing benefit of flattening…

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August 11, 2020
Doctor identifying treatment area for gynecomastia surgery.

Causes of Gynecomastia in Men

Gynecomastia is the swelling of the breast tissues, either one or both sides, in boys or men triggered…

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August 4, 2020
Comparison of female legs after cellulite treatment

Everything You Need to Know About Liposuction and ...

Cellulite is one of the most common skin concerns of many people. It can affect anyone, regardless of…

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July 23, 2020
Woman getting Botox treatment in Mississauga

Answering The Most Commonly Asked Questions About ...

Botox remains to be one of the hottest minimally invasive cosmetic procedures in the market, with over 7…

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July 9, 2020

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