What to Avoid After Getting Botox Injections



What to Avoid After Getting Botox Injections

Have you finally decided to stay young and beautiful by getting rid of your fine lines and wrinkles with a Botox in Mississauga treatment? In this article, find out how you can get the best results these practical aftercare tips.

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Avoid Touching Your Face at All Costs

After getting Botox, it is natural to see a bit of redness and swelling on the injection site and the surrounding areas. You may feel a little uncomfortable or tempted to touch the puffiness. But this is not advisable. Do not touch your face, especially the injection site, within the first 24 hours at all costs.

At McLean Clinic, we guarantee clients that our Botox in Mississauga procedures are administered professionally and accurately. But during the early post-treatment stages, the neurotoxin may have not yet completely settled in your facial muscles. Touching or poking could move the Botox away from where your fine lines and wrinkles are to other areas of your face where you don’t want them to be, which can be a total cosmetic surgery disaster.

Do Not Do Any Strenuous Physical Activity

It won’t hurt the skip the gym or your usual yoga or jogging ritual for a day, right? For the first 24 hours after receiving your Botox injection, do not do any serious physical activity, including running, heavy lifting, and the like.

For the same reasons why we strongly discourage you to touch your face after treatment, moving around too much, say, during a workout session, could also have the same negative side effect of displacing the Botox from where they are intended to be. In addition, there is also the risk of falling down or bumping into corners or elbows, which may lead to unsightly bruising on the treatment area.

Instead, we highly recommend that you take advantage of your Botox in Mississauga appointment to take things easy. Rest and relax in the comfort of your own home. Watch your favourite shows on the television or read an engaging book or magazine.

Do Not Take Pain Killers or Medications Without Your Doctor’s Advice

Depending on your personal tolerance level, there may be a minimum amount of pain or discomfort after Botox. To relieve any discomfort, we recommend placing an ice pack on the area. This will also help make the swelling subside much faster.

Do not take ibuprofen or any type of pain killer without the consent of your Botox in Mississauga professional. Doing so may increase your chances of bruising and hinder optimal healing. Before your Botox appointment, part of the preparation would include stopping specific medications that may cause complications with your treatment. Be as open as possible with your doctor about this so he can advise you accordingly.

Do Not Consume Alcohol

Like some types of drugs, alcohol also has that blood-thinning side effect that could come with treatment risks like excessive bruising on the injection site. Because of this, we ask our Botox in Mississauga patients to clear their system of alcohol at least 7 days before and after their treatment date.

Stay in an Upright Position

At McLean Clinic, our team will brief you as early as your initial consultation that Botox in Mississauga treatment is performed in an upright manner. To achieve the most beautiful results, we ask our patients to maintain such a position during the first 2 to 4 hours. Again, this is to ensure that the muscles are not bothered in any way, shape, or form so the Botox can work their magic effectively.

Now, sleeping and laying down on your bed can be a tricky business. Lay flat on your back. Try your absolute best not to press your face on a pillow by sleeping on your side. Also do not sleep beside anyone during the first 24 hours to ensure that no one would accidentally touch/hit your face.

Botox in Mississauga

Dr. Hugh McLean is a reputable plastic surgeon and cosmetic specialist with decades of professional experience in administering Botox in Mississauga that has exceeded clients’ expectations. Set an appointment to discuss your beauty concerns with him and our team of experts in the privacy of our office.

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January 16, 2020

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