8 Myths About Breast Augmentation



8 Myths About Breast Augmentation

When it comes to breast augmentation, there are a lot of myths out there. To help avoid any confusion to those who are considering getting breast implants, we’ve broken down some of the most common myths we have heard about breast augmentation.

8 Myths About Breast Augmentation

Myth #1: You Will Have a Long Recovery Period

While you may not make a full recovery and be back in the gym a week after your surgery, you will likely be able to go back to work. The majority of the discomfort you will experience will take place roughly 2 to 5 days after having your breast augmentation. To ensure that your recovery is going as expected and you are healing properly, Dr. McLean will schedule follow-up appointments with you.

Myth #2: You’ll Have Severe Scarring After Breast Augmentation

This is completely false. Of course, most invasive procedures you will likely result in scarring, but any scarring you experience after breast augmentation will be minimal. Even then, a skilled plastic surgeon such as Dr. McLean will be able to strategically hide the incision scars so that you don’t have to feel self-conscious! Additionally, you can also get a scar treatment that will reduce their visibility much more quickly than normal healing.

Myth #3: Mammograms Are Inaccurate After Breast Implants

It is completely understandable that breast cancer is a serious concern for many women. However, you can rest assured that your breast augmentation will not impact the results or your ability to undergo any mammography testing. In fact, you may even be able to get more accurate mammogram results since you will need to use X-ray rather than the traditional technique. All you have to do is make sure that your physician is aware of your breast implants when you make your appointment.

Myth #4: Breast Augmentation Will Affect Your Ability to Breastfeed

One of the more common myths regarding breast augmentation has to do with your ability to breastfeed after giving birth. Most people even believe that you can’t breastfeed at all, however, this is most definitely not the case. If the ability to breastfeed after surgery is one of your top priorities, your surgeon will work with you to ensure that the implant is placed carefully and the placement of your incisions are done so in a way that will reduce the potential of breastfeeding difficulties later on.

Myth #5: You’ll Lose All Feeling in Your Nipples

While you may want to prepare yourself to temporarily lose sensation in your nipples after breast augmentation, permanently losing feeling is extremely rare. Any loss in feeling typically occurs because your body is attempting to adjust to a pretty significant change. You can expect to regain sensation within a few weeks of your procedure. If this numbness continues, you may want to consider making an appointment with your doctor.

Myth #6: Breast Implants Are Unsafe

The implants used for breast augmentation in Canada today are completely safe. Many studies have been conducted that dispute the claim that breast implants cause breast cancer. While there have been issues with some breast implant manufacturers in the past regarding women’s health, you don’t have to worry about both the saline and silicone implants as they are completely safe.

Myth #7: Implants Need to Be Replaced After 10 Years

Contrary to popular belief, breast implants do not need to be replaced every ten or so years. The only instance when an implant would need to be replaced is if there is an issue with the implant itself. This includes the implant rupturing, asymmetry, ptosis or sag, capsular contracture or hardening, or if you no longer wish to have implants. If you’re happy with the results of your breast augmentation procedure then there is no reason to have them replaced.

Myth #8: Older Women Should Avoid Breast Implants

This is completely untrue. The only factor that would restrict you from being able to have breast augmentation is your overall health. It does not matter if you are 20 or if you are 60. If you are healthy enough to undergo the procedure than there is no need to avoid breast implants. Get the shape, size, and look of the breasts you desire at any age!

If you’re interested in learning more about breast augmentation and if the procedure is right for you, contact McLean Clinic today! Book a free consultation with one of our expert team members and we’ll be able to walk you through your options and dispel any myths you may be concerned about.

October 19, 2019

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