Tips For Updating Your Wardrobe After A Breast Lift



Tips For Updating Your Wardrobe After A Breast Lift

After a breast lift you’ll want to update your wardrobe. Your body will have new contours and some of your clothing will no longer fit properly. Before you rush off to buy the latest trends, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your shopping trip.

Tips For Updating Your Wardrobe After A Breast Lift

Support Is Key

After a breast lift you will have to wear a sports bra or other type of bra that doesn’t have underwire while your body heals. Moreover, your breasts will be swollen for awhile before eventually settling into their new shape. For the first month after your surgery, don’t concern yourself with bras. Stick to comfortable, supportive bras for the time being and worry about buying new lingerie later. Plus, your breasts will be a different size in a month once they’ve settled, so it’s pointless to buy new bras so quickly after having a lift.

Make A List, Check It Twice

Before you set out on your shopping trip, go through your existing wardrobe and see what fits and what doesn’t. Make a list of everything you’ll need to update. You’ll notice that certain articles of clothing that you wouldn’t think need updating after a breast lift actually do. For instance, your breasts will be more youthful and perky, making your waist appear smaller, and your existing pants and skirts may look funny.

Set A Budget

Now that you’ve made a list of what’s needed, set a budget. This isn’t to say you can’t stray from it while you’re shopping if you see something that you must have, but it’s always easier to have a spending limit in mind. A budget will also help you stick to the essentials and not go overboard purchasing that extra pair of pants when what you really need are more shirts.

Don’t Stress Over Sizing

For some women, after a breast lift their sizing changes drastically, for others it stays the same. Don’t focus on sizing and find clothing that looks great and fits. If you were a small before your surgery and now a size medium fits better, don’t take this as a sign that you’ve gained weight. The position of your breasts has changed and it just means that their new contours fit better in a medium-sized garment.

As with any surgical procedure, it’s important to give your body a chance to heal. Avoid shopping or other strenuous activities that would have you on your feet for long periods of time until you get clearance from your doctor.

November 7, 2016

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