10 Celebrities Who Had Breast Reduction Surgery



10 Celebrities Who Had Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is common, especially in the celebrity world. People undergo this surgery for many reasons, including back problems and having a chests that are disproportionate to the rest of their bodies. If you are looking to visit a breast reduction surgeon, know that you are not alone. Here’s a list of 10 celebrities that have had their chest size reduced.

Celebrities Who Had Breast Reduction Surgery

  1. Ariel Winter
    The Modern Family star is the youngest celebrity on this list, who at 17 decided to do something about her large chest. Winter visited a breast reduction surgeon and says she’s never felt better about her body.
  2. Drew Barrymore
    Barrymore has been open about her reduction surgery, saying she opted for a smaller chest to avoid future problems with her back. She also stated that she received a lot of unwanted attention from her large chest and the reduction was also a way to combat that.
  3. Kris Jenner
    The matriarch of one of the most famous families in the world had old implants removed and new, smaller ones put in as part of the plot of a season of her reality show.
  4. Mimi Rogers
    Tom Cruise’s first wife — yes, he was married before Nicole and Katie — underwent breast reduction surgery to take her 34DDs down to a more manageable 34D.
  5. Jennifer Connelly
    Although she has not confirmed this rumour, the Academy Award winner and former child star is thought to have undergone a reduction as an adult. There’s also a persistent rumour that Connelly received implants as a teenager and the reduction was done to remove them.
  6. Roseanne Barr
    Once considered one of the funniest women on TV, Roseanne Barr underwent breast reduction surgery. Similar to Kris Jenner, Barr also had an episode of her TV show, Roseanne, revolve around her character also having a breast reduction.
  7. Queen Latifah
    The singer/actress and Academy Award nominee, went to a breast reduction surgeon in the mid-2000s to reduce the size of her ample chest. Latifah lost about 25 lbs and needed the reduction to create a more proportionate chest.
  8. Heidi Montag
    Never one to shy away from cosmetic surgery, Montag had her breasts enlarged only to have them reduced a few years later. The Hills star now has a smaller chest that looks more natural.
  9. Janeane Garofalo
    The comedian who stands at only 5 feet was having major back issues with her C cup chest. To fix this problem, Garofalo had a breast reduction done to give her a chest that fit better within her tiny frame. She’s now a B cup.
  10. Patricia Heaton
    After having kids, Heaton noticed that her breasts weren’t what they used to be. The Everybody Loves Raymond star went to a breast reduction surgeon to have her chest reduced in size and now has more youthful looking curves.
April 27, 2017

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  • User - Mclean Clinic

    Posted on Apr 27 2017 By Field

    I knew Rosanne Barr had to have a breast reduction in real life after I saw her character after her surgery on TV . She looks great. She was more breast than belly. Kudos for her. I’ve always thought about it but was afraid. It is easier to add and take away then vise versa. It is still encouraging to me.

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