6 Reasons To Consider A Breast Reduction



6 Reasons To Consider A Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is an important procedure that can benefit many women, but most do not consider it. Having large breasts can cause many problems to the rest of your body, and damage your self-esteem. If you have large breasts that are cumbersome and disproportionate to the rest of your body, visiting a breast reduction surgeon for a consultation is a great idea. If you’re unsure if having breast reduction surgery is the right choice for you, here are six reasons to consider it.

 Reasons To Consider A Breast Reduction

  1. The PainLarge breasts often come with horrible pain. Your neck and back are deeply affected by the extra weight they have to carry, and you could find yourself with chronic pain that won’t go away. If you have breast reduction surgery, you won’t be in pain anymore.
  2. Trouble SleepingFinding a comfortable position to sleep in is next to impossible when you have large breasts, and when you do finally get to sleep, you may wake up in major pain. You may need to purchase a special pillow, or nothing may help at all. After a reduction surgery, your sleep troubles will disappear.
  3. Finding Clothes that FitBuying specialized bras can take a toll on your wallet. Furthermore, finding clothing, especially bathing suits, that fits can also be taxing. Following a breast reduction, you’ll be able to shop anywhere and buy clothing at normal prices.
  4. Unwanted AttentionUnfortunately, having large breasts can cause people to stare at you. The unwanted attention is enough to disrupt anyone’s self-esteem and make you feel less than human. Even if the attention is ‘positive,’ you still may wonder if people are being nice to you because of your breasts. Breast reduction surgery will eliminate the gawking from strangers and special attention you didn’t ask for.
  5. Exercising Is TroublesomeMany women with large breasts have difficulty exercising because they can’t find a sports bra in their size, and if they do, working out hurts. After undergoing breast reduction surgery, you’ll be able to buy a sports bra at a reasonable price (as mentioned in #3) and you won’t have trouble exercising and maintaining an active lifestyle.
  6. GynecomastiaThis is a condition that affects men only. It occurs when there is too much glandular tissue in the chest, creating the appearance of breasts. Gynecomastia occurs because of a hormonal imbalance where there is an excess of estrogen (female hormones) and an insufficiency of androgens (male hormones). If you do suffer from this condition, breast reduction surgery can eliminate the extra tissues and create a masculine chest.

How to Find a Breast Reduction Surgeon

You can get a referral from your general practitioner for a breast reduction surgeon or contact us at McLean Clinic. We provide breast reduction surgery and numerous other procedures designed to improve your self-esteem, so you can live a healthy and fulfilling life.


February 26, 2018

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