Can A Breast Reduction Help With Neck Pain?



Can A Breast Reduction Help With Neck Pain?

Large breasts have long between associated with a lot of pain, from back pain and shoulder pain to neck pain and skin irritation, with women undergoing a breast reduction in order to get relief from such pain and to reduce discomfort.

Breast Reduction For Neck Pain

Breast reduction surgery also allows women to become much more active than they were before, as large breasts can place many limitations on them. Just as many women undergo a breast reduction due to the emotional toll of having large breasts. A breast reduction can also alter the shape of the breasts and give them lift for the purpose of a more balanced body. Women also find that their clothes fit much better after a breast reduction. Overall, the procedure is safe, and results show that women are very pleased with the results that a breast reduction affords.

Can A Breast Reduction Help With Neck Pain?

The short answer is yes – a breast reduction can absolutely help with neck pain and is well-recognized for doing so. Keep in mind, however, that traditional candidates for breast reduction surgery tend to experience not only neck pain but also back and shoulder pain. It is important to determine that other possible sources of your neck pain have been ruled out. A breast reduction surgeon can discuss this with you and can help to determine whether or not your pain is related to the size of your breasts, which will be done via an exam.

Ultimately, the weight of the breasts can cause slouching, which then places excess stress on the muscles while stretching the neck ligaments. It also stresses the ligaments of the back and shoulders. A breast reduction allows the woman’s body to be properly aligned.

In general, candidates for traditional breast surgery include those with large breasts, as well as neck pain, shoulder pain and sometimes even skin irritation under the breasts. On top of this, your plastic surgeon will want to determine the extent of previous treatments and to ensure they didn’t work in improving your condition.

If you suspect that your breasts are causing your neck pain, it is advised that you speak to a breast reduction surgeon to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure.

If you are interested in a breast reduction, consider McLean Clinic. We are an accredited and leading cosmetic plastic surgery clinic in Toronto with a top breast reduction surgeon on our team, Dr. Hugh McLean. We offer free consultations, which you can schedule here.

July 26, 2017

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