Dos And Don’ts Of Selecting A Bra After Breast Augmentation



Dos And Don’ts Of Selecting A Bra After Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation procedure will give you a more perky, youthful looking chest and it will also repair your confidence. Following your surgery you will need to invest in some new bras to support your enhanced chest. Before you rush off to Victoria’s Secret, here are the dos and don’ts of selecting a bra after undergoing a breast augmentation.

Dos And Don’ts Of Selecting A Bra After Breast Augmentation

Do wear a bra

After a breast augmentation procedure you need to wear a bra. Your surgeon may suggest a bra manufacturer that they trust, but no matter what, you need to support your new chest. You need to wear a bra for the first four to six weeks following your enhancement surgery to make sure your breast tissue stays strong.

Don’t wear anything with an underwire… yet

Underwires are painful when you’ve just had surgery. For the six weeks that follow your breast enhancement procedure avoid bras with underwires or push-up features. Sports bras are best while your body heals. In time, you will be able to get bras that have underwire, but for now, keep it soft, supportive and simple.

Do splurge on comfort

Sometimes you have to shell out big bucks for a bra that’s comfortable. Before your surgery you may have been able to get away with buying cheap $10 bras but now you really have to be careful. Spending a little extra on a bra that fits and feels good is important. Since you can’t wear anything with underwire in it yet, you might as well get a state-of-the-art sports bra that looks great and gives you ample support.

Don’t buy online… yet

Once you’ve undergone a breast augmentation procedure you may be tempted to buy new bras online. You will be able to shop online for bras soon but not right away. Your size will change over time as your chest adjusts to its new shape and contours. A DD with one manufacturer may be a regular size D with another. The last thing you want is to order something online, have it not fit and then have to return it. It’s always a hassle to return stuff from the internet so only order a bra online when your breasts are fully healed and settled.

Do get fitted

As mentioned in the last point, bra manufacturers have different ways of measuring sizing. There’s a basic guide that they have to follow but a D cup with one company is a C cup to another. Get fitted when you go buy a new bra and try different brands until you find one you like.

December 8, 2016

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