Best Butt Augmentations In Hollywood



Best Butt Augmentations In Hollywood

Whether you like it or not, popular culture’s enthusiastic homage to the “booty” is showing no signs of fizzling out. Although many attribute the genesis of this derriere fascination to Kim Kardashian’s sizable, media-magnet backside, Kim is likely not the sole culprit.

Best Butt Augmentations In Hollywood

The “base” has certainly been the muse of choice for many rappers and other popular singers like Meghan Trainer. And, of course, our admiration for superstars like Beyonce, J Lo and Nicki Minaj whose considerable booties are central to their dazzling performances, and definitely an integral part of their brand and celebrity, has certainly fuelled this trend.

Who in Hollywood has done it and who may have done it?

One of the hottest gossip threads in Hollywood is who has had her (or his) butt lifted or augmented. Very few celebrities have actually admitted to it. The ones that have fessed up publicly about surgically enhancing their backside include singer and the star of reality show, “My Life”, K Michelle, singer Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, British actress Chloe Sims and the star of MTV’s show “The Hills”, Heidi Montag.

Still, many other celebrities are rumoured to have their behinds surgically enhanced. Blogs and tabloids are rife with butt-enlargement speculations about stars like Nicki Minaj, rapper Iggy Azalea, reality star and rapper Ice T’s wife, Coco Austin, and most members of the Kardashian clan (especially Kim, and more recently Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner).

In each case, the rumour has been vehemently denied, but whispers persist. One way to determine whether someone has had a butt augmentation is to look at their waist-to-backside ratio. If you have a really tall, slender girl who suddenly is showing a derriere that doesn’t match the rest of her body type, chances are that her booty has been surgically enhanced.

Additionally, if a petite person has skinny legs without a large amount of muscle mass, it’s unlikely that they earned their backside through traditional methods like squats.

Whose Hollywood butt shape is all the rage?

According to Hollywood plastic surgeons, the butt prototype most requested by patients coming in for consultation is that of Kim Kardashian or J Lo. Butt augmentation is done either through fat injections or the insertion of silicone implants.

Fat injections are quite popular because the fat is taken from other areas of the patient’s body where there is often an unwelcomed surplus, and injected into the butt where it’s needed. This works best when the patient does have those extra fatty areas and prefers to have the butt nicely lifted and shaped rather than significantly enlarged. For those who want to enlarge their derrieres, silicone implants are said to work best. The Hollywood rumour mill has had Nicki Minaj pegged for a few years now as the implants devotee.

But a star-like butt is also possible with non-surgical treatments, such as coolsculpting. Less invasive and risky than surgical procedures, coolsculpting can reduce and shape your booty — although it will not size it up. For that you need to consider a surgical procedure, and as with any surgical procedure, choosing the right plastic surgeon is key. The surgeon you choose should be board-certified, specializing exclusively in cosmetic surgery. In hands of a qualified surgeon, you too can sport a booty like J Lo without any concern about the risks of surgery.

May 2, 2016

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