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The Difference Between Botox, Restylane and Juvederm

In the cosmetic world, injectables are one of the most popular non-surgical procedures that patients go for to help restore or maintain a youthful appearance. While there are a number of different types of injectables in the market today, here are some of the key problem areas they like to tackle: Fine Lines and Wrinkles Many people start to see the effects of aging as soon as they notice the fine lines and wrinkles appear on their skin. This is very common as we start to age because of the natural breakdown of elastin and collagen in the skin. Injectables are used to reduce muscle contractions responsible for those lines and fill in space for a smoother appearance. Aging Hands Much like the face, one…

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March 29, 2019
Ways To Combat Excessive Sweating

Four Ways To Combat Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating is a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. Sweat is our body’s way of cooling us down naturally.…

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November 6, 2017
Acne scarring

Can Botox Help With Acne Scarring?

Acne scarring can be very psychologically traumatic for many people, leading to a loss of self-esteem and confidence.…

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January 9, 2017
Botox Can Help Prevent Wrinkles

Can Botox Help Prevent Wrinkles In Younger Patient...

Botox injections are a very common procedure, particularly among older patients, who are looking to decrease the appearance…

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August 15, 2016
Why Botox Is Surprisingly Safe

Why Botox Treatments Are Safer Than You Think

For the last two decades, many people have enjoyed the different benefits of Botox injections, including the ability…

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July 11, 2016

Does Blake Shelton Get Botox?

Blake Shelton quickly became a household name as he first rose to stardom as a country music performer…

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February 8, 2016

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