5 Celebrities Who Look Younger Than They Are



5 Celebrities Who Look Younger Than They Are

Every Hollywood award season most of us stay riveted to our television screens— as much to see who is going to win this or that statuette, as to check out what celebrities at each award event wore and how fabulous they look, especially the women.

Celebs Who Are Older Than You Think

And in that respect we’re rarely disappointed. They all do look young and fabulous. Latest designer garb, chic hairstyles, and those glowing, flawless faces! Don’t we all marvel at how those celebrities who we know must have their driving license for at least two decades now, manage to look as fresh and dewy as high-school graduates attending a very posh commencement ball?

Most celebrities attribute their youthful looks to a good diet, staying out of the sun, lots of exercise, water, good sleep, and other healthy lifestyle habits. Still, many Hollywood dermatologists and aestheticians have on occasion revealed that those eternally young-looking celebrities do have some extra help in their efforts at stopping the clock.

“They get facials often. Chemical peels, oxygen treatments, bio brasion, ultrasonic exfoliation, LED light, microcurrent…they do it all, oftentimes on a weekly basis,” says celebrity skin expert Renée Rouleau. For most celebrities over the age of 30 it is likely a combination of a healthy lifestyle, genes, and an aesthetic/cosmetic regimen that keeps them looking so young. Take these 5 celebrities for example:

  1. Jennifer Lopez. Did you know that this superstar is pushing 50? Believe it or not, she turned 47 this year. With her dancer body and lineless, perfect skin she could pass for 32. Her uncanny youthful face has given rise to a rumour that she she has had plastic surgery (it should be noted that Jennifer took to Twitter last year to deny that she has had no plastic surgery of any kind). Purportedly, she relies on lots of sleep, staying out of the sun, no smoking and drinking, and daily exercise to keep looking young. But, she has admitted to at least one aesthetic help: lots of moisturizing masks.
  2. Jennifer Anniston.Jennifer is J Lo’s contemporary (also 47), and like J Lo, looks permanently arrested in her early thirties. She is, however, quite open about being an advocate of laser and LED therapy which help to tighten facial muscles.“We are really moving forward with technology to do with our skin and it’s fabulous. I haven’t dipped into the filler world yet. I want to try to Fraxel laser though as I’ve heard it’s really good.” She said in a recent Marie Claire interview.

    Her stunning and timeless looks even earned her People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Person title in 2016.

  3. Gwynneth Paltrow.This advocate of everything organic and natural has openly declared her love of facials.“I try to have a facial every few weeks…I go for hardcore squeezing, peeling, microdermabrasion and lasers – the works,” she admitted in an interview for Elle. And all this work seems to have been worth it! Gwynneth is 43 now, but not too long ago at 40, she was named the “sexiest woman of the year” by People magazine.
  4. Sandra Bullock.Sandra at almost 52 looks amazing. So amazing in fact that the media is rife with rumours of her anti-aging plastic surgeries, and considering there are practically no wrinkles on her face, chances are that she has used either a facelift or Botox. If that’s true, kudos to her plastic surgeon – her face does not show any visible signs of plastic surgery – she just looks like a younger version of herself.
  5. Sofia Vergara.This 43-year old actress looked like a very young bride at her wedding to Joe Manganiello last summer. How did she accomplish this? According to her dermatologist, Dr. Dendy Engleman, Veragara started prepping for the wedding 10 weeks in “We started with Intense Pulse Light, which is a light-based device which helps to target both red and brown spots. People sometimes refer to it as a ‘photofacial,’ ” Engelman told People magazine. “That helps to accelerate cell turnover, build collagen, even out skin tone.”

Next time you’re enviously and ruefully eyeing a celebrity’s flawless face and youthful looks, be comforted by the knowledge that you could also look that way – all you need is a steady diet of lasers and the expert hands of a qualified cosmetic surgeon!

May 16, 2016

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