Best Post-Baby Bodies In Hollywood



Best Post-Baby Bodies In Hollywood

Celebrity baby news have been all the rage for a while now. Speculations about alleged baby bums on spotted celebrities, social media announcements of upcoming births, pictures of stars in various stages of pregnancy along with commentary about their substantial or surprisingly insignificant weight gain, have crowded up a lot of media space. As have write-ups and pics of celebrities’ pre and post pregnancy looks – especially of those who have somehow managed to spring back to their former slender silhouette, lickety split.

Hollywood’s Best Post-Baby Bods

Usually, it takes a woman as many months to take off the pregnancy weight as it does to gain it. But with Hollywood new moms’ ability to access and pay for top personal trainers, nutritionists, meal plans (and maybe sometimes the services of a top plastic surgeon), their post-baby weight loss does look to the rest of us civilians as if magically spurred.

Some of the more miraculous Hollywood moms’ transformations include:

Jessica Alba

After Jessica gave birth to her second baby in 2011, it took her virtually no time to lose the baby weight. Alba attributes her rocking post-baby body to a fitness regimen during and after pregnancy.

Halle Berry

Halle made headlines with her pregnancy in 2014 not only because it was yet another Hollywood conception, but also because she was 46 years old at the time! Debunking the popular myth that it is harder for women over 30 to lose weight, Halle regained her Bond-girl body in no time. She says that her love of kickboxing, intervals and a healthy diet helped her to get trim and toned.


This superstar revealed that she had gained 50 pounds while pregnant with Blue Ivy in 2012. Because of her high profile and upcoming performances, she was determined to regain her famous pre-baby sexy shape quickly. And she did!

Just four months after giving birth, this super star hit the stage looking as fabulous as ever. In an interview with People magazine she said, “I lost most of my weight from breastfeeding and I encourage women to do it. It’s just so good for the baby and good for yourself.”

Kim Kardashian

Poor Kim became paparazzi’s favourite target when she gained 50 pounds during her first pregnancy, and strayed quite far away from the looks that made her such a marketable star. But only four months after giving birth to North West, Kim was back to showing off her phenomenal body.

Her rather speedy slim-down spurred rumours in the media that she had some cosmetic procedures done. A report in Life & Style magazine claimed that Kim got fillers, stretch mark treatments and fat-reducing ultrasound treatment on her stomach. This claim was vehemently denied by the reality star. She attributed her amazing 43-pound weight loss to the Atkins diet and exercise.

Kim is currently citing the same regimen for helping her lose weight after the birth of her second baby, Saint, in December of 2015. And recent pictures of her in sexy, clinging outfits do bear out that she is well on the way back to her famous body.

Molly Sims

This supermodel gained a whopping 80 pounds when pregnant with her son, Brooks in 2012 (doctors generally expect between 15-40 pounds weight gain). But within a year of Brooks’ birth, Molly gained her bikini body back. In an interview with a baby magazine, The Bump, she confessed that, “Aside from working out two hours a day, I wore two pairs of Spanx for nine hours a day for four months after Brooks… It totally sucks, but it helps with the elasticity of your skin. Some people believe and some don’t, but I know it 100 percent helped me keep everything in and I plan to do it again.”

Kate Hudson

Kate is famous for her slender, lithe body, so when she gained 70 pounds with her first son, Ryder, it was very hard for her to lose all that weight and it took a long time. Lesson learned! With her second son Bingham, Kate reports she ate much healthier and only gained 11 pounds during the first six months, so it was much easier and quicker to lose that baby weight the second time around.

In less than a year, Kate was back to her amazing bikini body.

Plastic surgery or even non-surgical weight loss procedures are always denied by new moms in Hollywood, mainly because some procedures may present risks to the baby when there is breastfeeding involved. Still, if new moms are having a hard time losing weight after giving birth, and their bundles of joy are no longer being mommy-fed, surgical procedures such as liposuction or tummy tuck or non-surgical procedures such as CoolSculpting could be considered.

May 23, 2016

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