Cosmetic Treatments You Can Still Enjoy While Pregnant



Cosmetic Treatments You Can Still Enjoy While Pregnant

When you are pregnant, it can be hard to feel beautiful and optimally comfortable as all your attention is focused on keeping your unborn gorgeous being as safe and healthy as humanly possible. Luckily, there are pregnancy cosmetic treatments that you can still enjoy, without harming your baby. Of course, it goes without saying that there are certain ones you should avoid too!

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There are some general rules to follow when thinking about beauty and pregnancy cosmetic treatments to have while you are pregnant:

  • Do not increase your body temperature to 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit as this is the maximum you should allow yourself to reach in order to maintain the health of yourself and your baby.
  • Do not put harsh chemicals on your skin because they can be absorbed into your bloodstream and so your baby will come into contact with them.
  • If a treatment involves chemicals being in the room, ensure that the room is really well aired.
  • Make sure you let whoever is performing the treatment know that you are pregnant before they start.

With that being said, there is a huge range of opinions on this topic, so it all depends on who you speak to about it. But, if you are still unsure, come back to the above general guidelines to help you figure out.

The Treatments You Can Still Enjoy

Your Daily Cosmetics and Beauty Regime

The makeup and routine you do to set you up for the day can still be done even though you are pregnant. If you are worried about any of the products you are using, try swapping them out for ones with natural ingredients instead or, speak to your general practitioner.

It is the same for your shower or bathing ritual, you can keep these exactly the same as they were before you started growing your little angel.


Pregnancy, as you may well know, brings about a lot of physical aches and pains, as well as emotional stress, hormonal imbalances, and all sorts of thought processes. Luckily, massages are one of the best ways to help you to overcome all of this and relax.

However, ensure that whoever is giving you your massage is a certified prenatal therapist as they are aware of what types of massages are beneficial to a pregnant lady, and those that aren’t.


Acupuncture is a type of treatment where incredibly fine needles are poked into certain areas of the body for therapeutic reasons. This stimulates the specific nerves in the skin and in the muscles, which enables the body to produce pain-relieving endorphins and other hormones to kick the pain away.

Usually, you will be prescribed a course of acupuncture instead of just one session as this will be far more beneficial than a one-off.

Many people suggest having some sessions of acupuncture while you are pregnant as it relieves the tension from your hard-working muscles and promotes relaxation during what can be a very stressful time.


Some facials have retinoids in them which should not be used while you are pregnant so ensure that whichever one you go for contains natural ingredients only (preferably).

Remember that while you are carrying your child, a lot of changes are taking place in your body so be mindful that your skin can be more sensitive than it previously was. Ask the professional who is performing your facial to do a skin test first to see how you react to it.

Manicures and Pedicures

This is a tricky one as it does come with various conditions but, if the regulations are met, then you can continue (or start) to enjoy having your fingernails and toenails pampered and glamorous.

What are these conditions? Well, the nail bar must clean all their tools properly as your risk of infection is higher during pregnancy and the room itself must be extremely well ventilated and not smelling like harsh, toxic chemicals!


This one creates controversy among anyone discussing the topic as yes, highlighting your hair includes using chemicals that are potentially harmful if absorbed or breathed in. However, if you are in a well-ventilated hair salon and the chemicals do not touch your scalp (therefore, cannot be absorbed into your system) then, the highlights are perfectly fine.

Laser Hair Removal

You can, in fact, continue to undergo laser hair removal if this is what you feel like doing but, you will not be able to use the numbing cream (because of the chemicals it contains) so the procedure may be more painful. But other than that — go forth and continue to be hairless!

Pregnancy Cosmetic Treatments at McLean Clinic

If you’re still confused about how pregnancy cosmetic treatments might vary when it comes to pregnancy, you can contact the team here at the McLean Clinic, and we’ll clear up anything we can.

November 14, 2019

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