Health Benefits Of Combining Procedures



Health Benefits Of Combining Procedures

Cosmetic surgery procedures are becoming more and more popular, especially in North America, as the population ages and people begin to seek avenues to restoring that youthful appearance they had throughout their lives. Often times people seek multiple treatment options and choose to undergo multiple procedures, sometimes independently, sometimes, depending on whether or not they are candidates, or can afford it, at the same time. In addition to saving time and money, there are also some notable health benefits that come with combining surgeries.

Combining Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

One anaesthesia. Anaesthesia, especially general anaesthesia, is a powerful combination of sedatives and analgesics which work to relax your body and induce unconsciousness while you are undergoing your operations. While they are administered by highly trained and skilled anesthesiologists, they do put your body under considerable strain. It is best to avoid general anaesthetics where possible. Having multiple procedures done at the same time means that you can decrease the number of anaesthetics you need to put into your body.

One recovery periods. Every time you place your body under strain from a surgical procedure, your immune system and health, while typically not in any serious jeopardy, is temporarily compromised while you recover. Combining procedures allows you to condense the recovery time from multiple procedures into one aggregate recovery time, meaning that instead of subjecting your body to a continuous cycle of surgery, recovery, surgery, recovery, your body can recover from multiple operations at the same time.

Minimize trauma. Surgery means trauma. The human body is sensitive and anytime an incision is made, or pieces of it are moved, or removed, the site experiences significant trauma. If the combination procedures in question are close together on the body, it often makes sense to combine them so that you are not constantly coming and going from the surgery clinic and exposing your body to continuous, prolonged trauma.

Combination procedures make sense for a whole range of reasons. If performed strategically and accurately, they can save you time, money and physical stress. The less incisions you make on your body, the less anaesthetics you need and the more you mitigate the trauma/recovery cycle, the more your body will thank you. Not all procedures can be combined, especially if they are taking place on disparate parts of the body, say, the face and the buttocks, because moving a patient during surgery can be extremely dangerous. If you are a candidate for multiple procedures at the same time, speak to your surgeon about more information on some of the above health benefits.

August 8, 2016

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