Male Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Cosmetic Procedures



Male Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Cosmetic Procedures

From facelifts to simple cosmetic procedures—male celebrities have been undergoing these look-enhancing treatments for a while now. However, male celebrities’ stabs at nip and tuck may not be as well-known as those of their female counterparts, probably because the pressure to look ever youthful is much bigger on Hollywood’s women, and as such, a more tantalizing media story. And perhaps male stars’ partaking of aesthetic procedures is more closely concealed — a male celebrity’s jaunt to a plastic surgeon’s clinic could pose some negative implications for his marketable macho-man identity.

Male Celebs You Didn’t Know Went Under The Knife

But, assuming the treatments are done properly (IE not in the Mickey Rourke or Sylvester Stallone style), this concern may be for nought. Here are some male celebrities who have remained superstars despite their more than a fleeting acquaintance with needles, lasers and a plastic surgeon’s helpful hand:

Brad Pitt

Although Brad Pitt seems to be embracing the lines on his face as a part of his trademark look, his ears are a different story. Rumor has it that when he was younger, Pitt had his ears pinned to better suit the size and shape of his head.

Ryan Gosling

This heartthrob has been called out for having his nose done, and it may be true. The nose on the younger Gosling looks different from the one on the face of Gosling, the famous actor.


According to all the tabloids, it has been known for years that Sting had his nose done at the beginning of his career.

Gordon Ramsey

Ramsey has always been open about having Botox done on his forehead. All that anger and rage in the kitchen must have had an impact on his face!

Ashton Kutcher

When you compare photos of Ashton now to when he was younger, it’s pretty obvious that his face has changed; mainly the shape of his nose.

Simon Cowell

Simon has long admitted to regular Botox injections, but recently this billionaire producer and television show judge was caught wearing a bandage near his ear, leading many to speculate that he had some skin tightening surgery done to improve the definition of his jawline.

Gene Simmons

This rock icon has had eyelid surgery and botox injections done to stall the drooping of his face. Apparently plastic surgery is a somewhat of a tradition in his family – he and his long-time partner Shannon Tweed got facelifts together on the same day.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan admitted he had surgery on his face in 2007.

“I fainted for the first time in my life. I don’t know what happened. I was walking through the bathroom in my house, I went down, I smashed my head open, blood poured everywhere, and then I got plastic surgery to fix it. I’m an actor, we’re supposed to (get it) anyway”, Ryan said.

Many plastic surgery clinics today report a spike in male patients. From facelifts to aesthetic treatments to specialized procedures such male breast reductions, men today are increasingly taking advantage of looks enhancing procedures. For more information about male plastic surgery, contact our team today!.

May 30, 2016

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