What Cosmetic Treatment Has Courteney Cox Had?



What Cosmetic Treatment Has Courteney Cox Had?

Plastic surgery is helping celebrities across Hollywood retain their beauty for many years. Stars now entering their 50s and 60s and are using plastic surgery to hold off the time and to achieve new heights for their own personal appeal. One of the latest stars to be the subject of speculation is Courteney Cox. In this article, we’ll outline the changes Courteney Cox has undergone in recent years and provide an outline on the treatments she’s completed to retain her beautiful looks.

Cosmetic Treatment Courteney Cox Had

Lip Injections

Clearly, Courteney Cox’s lips have changed since she starred in Friends in the early 90s. Courteney’s lips are now fuller and shapelier than in the early years of her career, and she’s also developed a new way of smiling in red carpet photos. These are clear signs she’s undergone lip injection treatment.

Facial Filler

To fill the space left by her cheek bone sinking as she has aged, it appears that Courteney Cox has also had facial fillers injected into her skin. Facial fillers are designed to add volume to the skin around the face and to remove fine lines within the skin, presenting a clear appeal that Courteney highlights in her latest pictures.

Breast Augmentation

Despite being 51 this year, Courteney Cox still has the figure of a much younger woman. This has led to speculation that she’s undergone breast augmentation treatment. The breast augmentation process helps lift the breast tissue and pull sagging breasts higher on the body. It can also be used to redefine the shape of the breast. Courteney’s latest television appearances in a bikini are clear evidence she’s undergone work on her body and her appeal continues to thrive as she ages.


In addition to having facial fillers to reduce the look of fine wrinkles on her skin, Courteney Cox has also undergone rhinoplasty treatment to change the shape of her nose. In the early 90s, her nose was rounded and slightly larger in the nostrils. It’s now more pointed and more aligned with her face, providing Courteney with a sleek appeal as she enters her 50s.

Courteney Cox’s beauty remains clear after over two decades in the public eye. The value of high quality plastic surgery work is highlighted by Courteney and many others who place their trust in the leading surgeons. To learn more on the latest treatments, speak with your local specialist at our office today!

April 11, 2016

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