What Is Levulan PDT?



What Is Levulan PDT?

Acne, rosacea, and other facial blemishes can be incredibly difficult to get rid of; anyone who has ever suffered from these skin conditions knows how frustrating they can be. For many people, soaps, cleansers, and other over the counter products are not simply not enough to restore healthy layers of the epidermis.

Levulan PDT

Fortunately, help is available for patients who may feel all hope is lost. One cosmetic procedure that has received quite a bit of attention in recent years is Levulan Photodynamic Therapy, or Levulan PDT for short.

Primarily used to treat acne and skin that has been damaged by the sun, this non-invasive treatment is actually subdivided into two parts: the application and blue light phase.

How Does Levulan Work?

Your doctor will start by applying a product known as Levulan Kerastic, one that contains natural anti-bacterial properties and which simultaneously eliminates damaged skin cells at the application site.

Although safe, Levulan is a powerful and potent agent that is very effective in eradicating blemishes quickly. In order to be the most effective, the doctor will leave the Levulan on your face for anywhere from 30-60 minutes before activating the second phase of the treatment. Once ready, the BLU-U Blue Light is used to treat the skin.

This part of the procedure does not take long, but is essential to the destruction of acne scarring, pre-cancerous lesions, actinic keratosis, excessive facial pore oil production, and many other common skin calamities. Levulan treatments require multiple sessions (usually 3 to 6 depending on the individual’s specific needs), but once complete, ensure clearer, healthy-looking skin for years to come.

After Getting Levulan

Patients are strongly advised to avoid exposure to direct sunlight for two days following each Levulan treatment session, as it is not uncommon for one’s skin to take on the feel and appearance of sunburn following the procedure. Your face will be sensitive for a few days afterwards, and there is a strong chance that it will peel. Take care not to itch or scratch, as this could interfere with your recovery.

Due to the nature of the procedure, Levulan is available to virtually anyone who is currently having troubles getting rid of stubborn facial blemishes. Our team at the McLean Clinic will determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure during the initial consultation.

June 26, 2015

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