8 Celebrities You Never Knew Had Cosmetic Surgery



8 Celebrities You Never Knew Had Cosmetic Surgery

We’re all pretty familiar with the celebrities who have had extreme image-altering plastic surgery. There’s Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Chrissy Teigen and Dolly Parton just to name a few. But even the most unlikely of celebrities have undergone some kind of cosmetic surgery! Here’s a list of 8 celebrities you might not realize have had work done to enhance their appearance.

8 Celebrities You Never Knew Had Cosmetic Surgery

Zac Efron

First up on our list is the High School Musical heartthrob everyone knows and loves. The change after Efron’s cosmetic procedure is so subtle that you may not even realize he’d had a rhinoplasty a few years ago. The nose job resulted in a slightly narrower, less prominent nose. Although, we think he looks great both before and after!

Ariel Winter

You may be surprised to learn that this Modern Family star got a breast reduction a few years ago. In the middle of her teen years, she was suffering from significant back pain due to her size F breasts. She was pretty open about her surgery, mentioning how other family members of hers had suffered from similar issues and had done the same thing.

Sylvester Stallone

It may or may not surprise you to hear that this action movie star has had a little bit of work done. The reason for this might be due to Stallone not significantly altering his signature look over the years as he’s aged pretty naturally. He’s admitted to having a facelift, claiming it was in order to repair facial nerve damage that he suffered from as a child. We wouldn’t be surprised if he’d had some botox in addition to some other cosmetic procedures given that Stallone is pretty wrinkle-free for 73-years-old.

Lisa Kudrow

Before this actress’s claim to fame in her role as Phoebe in the iconic hit television show Friends, you might be surprised to learn she’s had pretty significant cosmetic surgery. Before switching to a new high school when she was 16, Kudrow decided to undergo a rhinoplasty in order to give her nose a more slim look. Kudrow does not regret her decision, explaining how much it has increased her self-esteem, which is all we want after any cosmetic procedure!

Kelly Rowland

When you grow up beside a celebrity powerhouse like Beyoncé, it might not be shocking that your cosmetic surgery goes mostly unnoticed. However, this particular member of Destiny’s Child has had work done on her breasts. She waited 10 years before having a breast augmentation, to make sure that she was completely certain the procedure was something she wanted. This is a great lesson to take away!

Brad Pitt

Here’s another Hollywood heartthrob who’s had cosmetic surgery. This time, the culprit is an otoplasty. A fairly common procedure among both men and women, otoplasty surgery helps reduce how much your ears may protrude from your head among other concerns. Pitt had his ears pinned, which changed his overall appearance pretty dramatically if you look at before and after photos.

Betty White

It may come as a surprise to you that this ‘Golden Girl’ has had work done when it seems as if she is one of the few Hollywood stars who seems to have aged so naturally. However, in 1976, White had a subtle procedure called blepharoplasty—otherwise known as eyelid surgery. This procedure typically addresses the outer corners of one’s eyes in order to remove excess skin and fat that may be weighing down, oftentimes affecting their vision.

Dwayne Johnson

We saved the most surprising for last! While it’s pretty typical for men to use bodybuilding techniques as a means to make their chest larger, ‘The Rock’ actually had liposuction to make his smaller. He was concerned that his chest was beginning to look too big so he made the aesthetic decision to have some fat sucked out.

Celebrities have done a lot over the last few decades to normalize cosmetic surgery. However, not every procedure has to result in a completely different image. As displayed by the celebrities listed above, there are simple procedures that anyone can have in order to make themselves feel more confident and love their features!

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October 16, 2019

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