What Plastic Surgery Has Kylie Jenner Had Done?



What Plastic Surgery Has Kylie Jenner Had Done?

Celebrities often try to keep any plastic surgery they had undergone a secret from the rest of the world. Even though it is usually quite obvious that they had some sort of surgical procedure conducted, they try their best to pretend it never happened.

Plastic Surgery

Some of the world’s most popular icons take advantage of cosmetic procedures on a rather consistent basis. These people would be known as the Kardashians.

All of the Kardashians are known for getting cosmetic surgeries, although some are more open about their procedures than others. When it comes to Kim, we know that she receives lip injections among other facial procedures, and Kourtney often talks about getting breast implants at a young age. However, Kim and Kourtney aside, fans are beginning to wonder what types of surgical procedures the youngest of them all, Kylie, has undergone.

While Kylie Jenner has never openly admitted to any surgical procedures, it is safe to say that the young woman has had work done.

Lip injections are definitely one of them. At one point, social media blew up with the Kylie Jenner lip challenge in which young kids were making their lips bigger by sucking through a bottle’s top, however that’s clearly not how she got her signature pout. While she used to claim that she simply over-lined her lips with Mac’s classic Stone liner, she debunked that claim herself when she posted pictures to Instagram without any makeup.

Rumor has it that Kylie has undergone an additional six body altering surgical procedures, including:

  • Jaw reshaping
  • Chin implant
  • Eyelid surgery
  • A slight nose job
  • Breast augmentation
  • Brow lift

With all of these procedures combined, it is no wonder Kylie seems to have grown into her own over night.

While Kylie is only 17 years old and it isn’t suggested for patients so young to get such altering procedures at that age, Kylie has managed to look and feel great about her surgeries, often posting picture on social platforms of her in bikinis and other form fitting clothes.

When you are conscious of your body and the things that you would like to have altered, consult with a reputable surgeon. They can help you to decide what procedures are suitable for you and your desired results. While you may not be able to look like a Kardashian, you will be able to look like the best possible version of you!

July 24, 2015

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