How To Enhance Your Eyes



How To Enhance Your Eyes

Your eyes are the part of your face that shows your age the most. That is not to say that old eyes are not beautiful, but many patients target their eyes and the surrounding area when selecting general facial rejuvenation procedures. Many of those same patients, however, are hesitant to undergo anything involving surgery. Below are some of the best nonsurgical options for enhancing your eyes.

Enhancing Your Eyes

Laser treatment. Laser treatments for your eyes are certainly an avenue to consider, and many patients see improvements to the elasticity of their skin after the procedure—but, the results will not match what you would get from a surgical procedure. If you opt for a nonsurgical approach of this kind, you will have to temper your expectations.

Fillers. Fillers can be injected into the cheek area by your surgeon to help hide the appearance of bags under the lower eyelids. The main pros of this procedure are that it is relatively low risk and is not permanent. That is not to say that you won’t be enjoying the results of the procedure for a considerable amount of time, though.

Tear trough. The tear trough is one of the most novel and exciting advances in aesthetic medicine and a widely performed and successful procedure. A tear trough is a depression which runs from the nose to below the eye. As we age, these depressions, because of losses in skin elasticity and collagen, get worse and result in sagging and facial fat under the eye. It tends to give the eye the appearance of eye bags and dark circles. The procedure, using dermal injections placed just above the orbital bone, helps to remove these bags of loose skin, giving the eyes a much more youthful, firmer appearance. The results can last 12 to 18 months, and in many cases last even longer.

One of the major things to keep in mind with the above procedures is that, while effective, they will not approximate anything close to surgery and the long-lasting effects that you will receive from it. They are great options for more temporary fixes, or if you are willing to have multiple treatments done, but most plastic surgeons will agree that for the most drastic changes to occur, surgery is necessary. If you are curious about enhancing your eyes in a non-invasive, surgery-free way, the above procedures may be a good starting point for your facial rejuvenation.

September 19, 2016

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