Excessive Sweating? Know The Changes In Your Body



Excessive Sweating? Know The Changes In Your Body

Sweating plays an important role in our body’s overall function. Although, it may seem like more of an annoyance than a positive thing, sweating is vital to our well-being.

Excessive Sweating? Know The Changes In Your Body

Why do we sweat?

When our body is at its normal temperature of 37C (98.6F) we don’t sweat. However, when our temperature rises, our brain sends a signal to our body to cool us down. In order to cool us down, the sweat glands in our skin release moisture made up of water, salt, sugar and the chemicals used to breakdown protein (urea and ammonia). When this moisture hits the air, it evaporates, which causes us to cool down. Sweat also functions as a natural detoxifier because when we perspire, our body uses it as an opportunity to expel toxins through our skin.

When we work out, eat spicy foods or don’t wear the right clothing on a hot day and are nervous, we sweat. If you find yourself excessively sweating constantly, there could be underlying issues that you need to explore.

What is going on in my body that’s making me sweat so much?

Besides the situations mentioned above (working out, etc.), there are other reasons that you could be sweating excessively.

  1. StressWhen we’re stressed our bodies also produce sweat. However, the perspiration produced by stress is different than that made by heat. Eccrine sweat is what is produced all over our body to regulate temperature, whereas apocrine sweat is produced by different glands entirely when we’re stressed. Apocrine sweat smells more pungent than eccrine sweat, so if you notice lingering body odour, you should try and control your stress levels and relax.
  2. PregnancyWhen our hormones are out of whack due to pregnancy, our body temperature can shift at a moment’s notice. One minute you’ll be comfortable and the next you’ll be perspiring uncontrollably.
  3. MenopauseAs with pregnancy, our hormones become unstable when we’re going through menopause. This causes hot flashes that seem to occur out of nowhere. These hot flashes lead to excessive sweating.
  4. DehydrationIf you notice that when you sweat it’s stinging your eyes and leaving a streaky residue on your skin, you could be dehydrated. Fighting dehydration is easy. Incorporate more water into your everyday routine. Substitute juices, soda and alcohol for water and you should notice a change in the way you sweat. Avoid consuming too many alcoholic beverages as well. Alcohol makes us sweat, no matter if it’s beer, hard liquor or wine.
  5. HeatstrokeIf you’re working out in the sun (hiking, running etc.) and you notice that you’re light-headed, nauseous, or confused, you could be experiencing heatstroke. When you suffer from heatstroke, your body will actually start sweating less because it’ll have a hard time regulating temperature.
  6. HyperhidrosisThis is a medical condition that causes extreme sweating. Hyperhidrosis sweat can be hard to differentiate from regular sweat. If you notice that you’re perspiring from the palms of your hands, your head and the bottoms of your feet, hyperhidrosis could be the culprit.
  7. Heart health issuesFinding yourself sweating excessively when you’re not working out or in hot weather, could be a sign of heart health problems. You could be suffering from heart disease and it’s imperative that you consult your physician ASAP.
  8. TrimethylaminuriaExcessive sweat that smells fishy could be caused by a genetic disorder known as trimethylaminuria. This is when your body can’t break down trimethylamine an organic compound found in certain foods.

If you find yourself sweating excessively and can’t seem to pinpoint the cause, contact your doctor.

February 1, 2017

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