Seven Foods And Beverages That Cause Excessive Sweating



Seven Foods And Beverages That Cause Excessive Sweating

Sweating is great. It releases toxins and is a way for our body to cool us down. However, there’s a big difference from the perspiration that accumulates after a full workout and the sweating that happens when you eat a supersized meal from a fast food restaurant. To make sure you’re sweating properly, i.e. not from food that’s bad for you, avoid the nosh on the following list:

Foods And Beverages That Cause Excessive Sweating

  1. Caffeinated drinks: Caffeine does a number on our central nervous system, stimulating it to the point of excessive sweating. If you have more than one cup of coffee per day, switch out every second cup for natural green tea. It’s better for you and you’ll sweat less. For the soda drinkers out there, substitute that cola for seltzer or carbonated water.
  2. Alcohol: Booze widens our skin’s blood vessels causing our sweat glands to act out. The more you drink, the more you sweat. You don’t have to stop drinking completely, but keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum.
  3. High fat milk: Yes, we need calcium, but milk that is high in fat will make our sweat glands work overtime. Instead, replace your regular 2 per cent with skim or 1 per cent milk and you’ll perspire less.
  4. Too much salt: When you overdo it with the sodium, your body does it’s best to get rid of it, making you sweat. If you’re someone who has a very good relationship with their salt shaker, tone it down and you’ll notice that your sweating has decreased tremendously.
  5. Hot soup: Soup, especially if it is homemade, isn’t necessarily bad for you, but it will make you sweat. If you’re a soup eater, stay away from the canned version because it contains excess sodium, which also makes you sweat.
  6. Modified spicy foods: Mexican, Indian, and Cajun cuisine are all known for their exquisite use of spices. However, there’s a disparity between enjoying a nice plate of étouffée and dumping an entire bottle of sriracha on your food. First of all, sriracha has additives like xanthan gum that aren’t good for you, and secondly, it causes excessive sweating. Modified spicy foods, like hot sauces, need to be used in moderation, otherwise you’ll be dripping wet after every meal. If you need to spice up your meals try using hot peppers and other spices in their natural form.
  7. Processed foods: Your body has to work overtime to break down processed foods, like chocolate, white bread and fast food. Anytime your body has to work harder than necessary to break food down, you’ll sweat. Plus, this stuff is just bad for you. There’s a reason these foods taste so good. They’re laden with sugar, additives, preservatives, sodium and other ingredients that our bodies simply don’t need.

We all sweat but by reducing the amount of the aforementioned foods we consume, we won’t have to change our shirts after every meal.

November 28, 2016

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