5 Reasons Droopy Eyelids Are Affecting Your Confidence



5 Reasons Droopy Eyelids Are Affecting Your Confidence

If your eyelids droop, you may find yourself feeling ashamed or scared to go out in public. You may hide your eyes behind sunglasses when you leave the house and hope that no one notices. Droopy eyelids can affect your confidence and wreak havoc on your self-esteem. Cosmetic eyelid surgery can correct this issue and restore your confidence, but first, let’s explore five reasons why droopy eyelids are affecting your self-esteem.

Boost Your Confidence

  1. You appear tired when you’re not.When your eyelids are drooping, people may constantly ask if you’re tired. Appearing tired when you’re not can be a blow to your self-esteem. It can also make you irritable. If you have to explain to your coworkers daily that you’re not actually tired and feel fine, it will get old fast, and you’ll not only lose your confidence, you’ll be on edge.
  2. Your vision is impaired.Droopy eyelids, also called “hooded eyelids,” because they make it appear like you’re wearing a hood over your eyes, can impair your vision. The excess skin that hangs over your eye will make seeing more difficult. Although your vision may be 20/20 underneath the hooding, it’ll be like there’s a dark cloud over your eyes, making it hard to see. When you can’t see properly, it can destroy your confidence.
  3. You can’t successfully apply makeup.One thing we do when we see an imperfection is to try and cover it with makeup. However, when your eyelids are drooping, no amount of makeup will create the illusion that they’re not. In fact, you may have trouble applying mascara because the eyelids hang so low. Makeup is not a cure-all, but when you can’t enhance your eyes, your self-esteem can suffer.
  4. You look older than you are.Droopy eyelids will make anyone appear older than they are. When your eyelids sag, it can add ten years to your face, making you look haggard. Your confidence will take a nosedive, and you may even start to feel much older than you are.
  5. You spend your time worrying about your eyes.When you spend your time worrying about your eyes, it can become an obsession. Instead of getting work done and spending time with your family, your self-esteem can get so low that you don’t want to leave the house.

Droopy eyelids can be corrected through cosmetic eyelid surgery. You don’t have to spend your days locked away at home, or explaining to coworkers that no, you’re not tired. Please contact us for more information about our cosmetic eyelid surgery procedures, so you can get your confidence back.

December 11, 2017

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