Everything You Need to Know About a Mini Facelift



Everything You Need to Know About a Mini Facelift

Most people have heard of a facelift, but have you heard of a mini facelift? Probably not. But, not to worry, we are going to divulge all the insider secrets about what makes as mini facelift different to your average one.

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What Is a Mini Facelift?

Each surgeon is different, whether you have a facelift in Mississauga or somewhere else on the planet, the techniques and definitions for what a mini facelift differs from doctor to doctor.

Having said this, the general rule is that the only difference between a mini facelift in Mississauga and a regular one is that the scar is shorter on the smaller version. As we have mentioned, the techniques vary depending on who performs your facelift as well as recovery time, this is something you will discuss with your surgeon beforehand.

Facelift Surgery — The Techniques

Back when cosmetic surgery was relatively new to the playing field, a facelift meant just tightening up the skin to lift the features. However, as progress was made in this discipline, surgeons know that a natural look comes from tightening the muscles that are underneath the skin.

Some professionals do this by disconnecting certain facial ligaments and then re-suspending them in a more natural, more attractive position.

Is this a mini facelift? No, the procedure described is for a normal, run-of-the-mill facelift, however, all that is different in the mini version is that the scar you are left, and as such the incisions that are made, are shorter.

Which Facelift Should You Go For?

If you have a lot of excess skin or your laxity is pretty high, then a mini facelift in Mississauga will not be recommended to you by your surgeon as the larger incision in a normal one allows more access to the higher amounts of extra skin that need to be addressed.

However, if you are lucky enough to not have this problem, then a mini facelift may fit the bill since the scar can be kept behind the ear, therefore small enough to qualify for this type.

Cost and Recovery of a Mini Facelift

Mini facelifts are in fact a little cheaper than your average one. Plus, you should expect a shorter recovery period too. Although, you will still have to wear a face wrap for 24 hours, regardless of the type of facelift in Mississauga you choose to go for.

If you are looking to correct minor aging signs then, of course, you will qualify for a mini facelift which will use less intrusive measures to right these small “warning signs” of age.

Before and After

Many plastic surgeons say that facial surgery is the one that gives the most amazing and pleasing results.

Before you actually receive the surgery, you will have an in-depth conversation with your surgeon who will explain everything and show previous patient’s before and after pictures. Plus, they will also pull on your skin to show you what your cheeks and jawline will look like once the surgery has been completed.


There is a risk of bleeding and infection associated with any surgical procedure since the surgeon is making incisions but, doctors will do everything within their power to reduce the likelihood of these happening.

Scarring can occur due to any type of surgery but there are ways to minimize the lasting effects of this too but, generally, with a facelift, the scars will be hidden as well as possible behind the ears and such.

However, the biggest, and probably the scariest risk is that you are having work done very close to the facial nerve i.e. the nerve that allows all the muscles in your face to perform. Do not fret, if you choose a good doctor (which you should do your research on of course) then they will have undergone extensive surgical training to master the art.

Mini Facelift Mississauga

Going in for a facelift (even a mini one) can seem daunting, scary and concerning; do not struggle alone, this is where your consultations with your surgeon come in handy! Use these times to voice your worries and anxieties and do not forget to ask as many questions as you have — including the ones you have not thought of yet! On the topic of asking questions, here at the McLean Clinic we’re always ready to handle any issues our potential clients may have, so don’t be shy when it comes to getting in touch with us.

November 18, 2019

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