Do Face-Lift Exercises Really Work?



Do Face-Lift Exercises Really Work?

If you haven’t heard of face-lift exercises or facial exercises, here is a brief introduction. There have been some long-standing promises that doing facial exercises can act as a natural face-lift. Some have promised results in as little as six days. Of course, these aren’t new claims – facial exercises have been touted since the 1960s. There have been books about them, and the idea of exercising your face as a means to achieve more youthful skin has definitely received a lot of attention. Perhaps you have been doing these for years already! But do they are actually work? Take a look below.

Face-Lift Exercises

Do Face-Lift Exercises Really Work?

In short, there is no scientific evidence in the area of facial exercise to support or disprove the effectiveness of facial lift exercises. The only thing we can go by is anecdotal evidence; perhaps your mother has been doing face-lift exercises since the ‘70s and looks great for her age. While that may be true, we can’t prove that the face-lift exercises are actually the cause of her youthful face.

In fact, face-lift exercises actually go against science and may actually be worse for our skin. Facial wrinkles are caused by excess muscle activity, such as squinting, frowning, etc. Botox works by essentially freezing muscles. As you can see, doing face-lift exercises would actually be causing your facial muscles to work out more, thereby potentially causing more wrinkles.

Alternatives to Face-Lift Exercises

A better alternative to face-lift exercises would be a non-surgical face-lift. These are quick, non-invasive procedures that are great for people looking for options that are more natural than actually undergoing a face-lift. All of the methods below have been scientifically proven to deliver subtle but highly effective results. If you prefer a less subtle approach, keep in mind that many of the options below (such as fillers) can be adjusted to address your particular skin concerns.

Options for a non-surgical face-lift include Botox, fillers, eye enhancement and skin tightening, to name just a few.

To prevent future aging, it is important to eat a healthy diet, drink a lot of water and exercise. Take care to also protect your face by wearing sunscreen and moisturizing every night.

If you are interested in a non-surgical face-lift or another type of cosmetic procedure, consider McLean Clinic. We are an accredited and leading cosmetic plastic surgery clinic in Toronto. We offer free consultations, which you can schedule here.

July 19, 2017

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