Has Diane Keaton Gotten A Face Lift?



Has Diane Keaton Gotten A Face Lift?

The actress, born in Los Angeles, California on 5th January, 1946, and has managed to keep her appearance flawless over the years, but many people are left wondering: Is Diane Keaton’s appearance natural, or has she had some surgical help?

Diane Keaton

For a 70 year old woman, Keaton looks stunning. But this is the reason why there has been so much speculation that she got some plastic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation, as well as a nose job and facelift. However, in an interview back in early 2012, Diane reportedly told a journalist that she had never had plastic surgery, though she also said, “Never say never.”

According to many plastic surgeons, her facial skin seems unnatural for a woman over 65 years. And comparing her pictures for before and after rumored surgery, the surgeons believe that Diane got a facelift. Actually, their allegations can be proven by her smooth and wrinkle-free facial appearance, as if she hasn’t aged since age 40.

The proof

Usually, a woman around 70 years old should have visible aging signs around her face and neck. But Diane’s face does not have any frown lines or sagging skin around the eyes and jawline, and her neck is wrinkle-free. Plus she should have more facial wrinkles around the forehead than she does.

More about Diane

Diane Keaton is a wonderful woman regardless of her looks, not only as a film actress, but also as a producer, screenwriter, and director. She started as a stage actress until her debut performance in “The Godfather” which became a massive hit in 1972. By her fourth film, she had already won her first major award – the Best Actress Academy Award for the film “Annie Hall” in 1977.

Keaton maintains quite an active life with lots of activities and hobbies revolving around filming. She has a passion for music, photography, and real estate, and has maintained an active career with recent film releases. But life has not always been smooth for Diane. During her younger years, she suffered from the eating disorder bulimia, but came out of it to become a star.

Addressing the facelift rumours

Diane does not look as smooth and stretched as other women celebrities around her age who have gone overboard with surgery, but does she really look this good naturally?

Though Diane may never publicly disclose the secrets to her youthful look, the plastic surgeons who have examined her before and after pictures believe that her ageless appearance is the result of plastic surgery, including a facelift.

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March 14, 2016

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