When Do I Get a Full Facelift or a Mini Facelift?



When Do I Get a Full Facelift or a Mini Facelift?

If you’re hoping to fight and remove aging signs by undergoing a facelift surgery at McLean Clinic, you don’t always need to go big. Some patients can avoid the lengthy recovery time and potential risks associated with a full facelift by having a “mini” facelift. However, it is important to note that this procedure isn’t right for everyone. In order to determine whether or not a mini facelift is right for you, here’s everything you need to know.

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What Is The Difference Between a Mini Facelift and a Facelift?

Depending on the surgeon you are speaking to, the answer to the question listed above may vary. In general, mini facelifts involve much shorter incisions, which is why the mini facelift is sometimes referred to as a “short scar” facelift. In most cases, two small incisions are made in front of the ears. Once these incisions have been made in the skin, the surgeon will lift the mid-face (the area surrounding the cheeks) rather than lifting the entire facial region. While a full facelift surgery may involve auxiliary procedures such as a brow lift or neck lift, a mini facelift only involved the area in the centre of the face.

Due to the differences between a mini facelift and full facelift, patients can also expect different results from each. A mini facelift will create much more subtle results than a full facelift would while restoring a youthful appearance that still looks natural and not overdone. Mini facelifts are able to correct mild to moderate skin laxity in the neck and jowls, but will not get rid of prominent jowls or treat the neck area beyond providing a small life. This is why mini facelifts are not suitable for everyone, as each patient will desire different end results based on the current condition of their skin.

Advantages of the Mini Facelift

While the mini-facelift has some limitations in comparison to a full facelift, it may also carry numerous advantages that make this option more appealing to candidates who are suitable for the procedure. A mini facelift will offer a much shorter recovery time and will substantially reduce the time it will take to look presentable afterward. Many mini facelift patients are able to return to work within 3 to 7 days post-op. During the recovery time, they usually experience less swelling and pain due to the shorter incisions made during the surgery. Mini facelifts also carry a lower risk of potential complications due to the fact that it can be performed under local anesthesia. Lastly, a mini facelift is also more affordable as opposed to a full facelift.

The Ideal Candidate For A Mini Facelift

The large majority of ideal candidates of a mini facelift are usually under the age of 45 or 50. Patients in the 30s and 40s usually experience mild to moderate facial sagging, typically centered around the mid-region of the face, which makes them great mini facelift candidates. Patients over the age of 50 have usually developed more significant facial sagging in face and neck and make up a larger proportion of patients who undergo a full facelift.

Some patients who are in their 50s may make great candidates for a mini facelift. Those who have been slim their whole life, for instance, may exhibit less skin looseness around their neck and jaw areas. Thin people have fewer fatty deposits in their face and neck area, which leads to less stress being placed on the skin by the weight of subcutaneous fat and the effects of gravity. In addition, patients who are hoping to achieve more subtle results in exchange for a shorter recovery period may also make good candidates for a mini facelift.

It is crucial to keep your expectations realistic when considering a mini facelift. At your initial consultation, ask your surgeon to see before and after photos that illustrate mini facelift patients who are close to your age. This will allow you to get a good idea of what you can expect in terms of the results you can achieve if you choose to have a mini facelift as opposed to a full facelift.

How To Make Your Mini Facelift Better

Finally, it is important to mention that the results you achieve from your mini facelift can be greatly enhanced with a wide variety of non-surgical procedures. These procedures will not add any additional recovery time and they can substantially improve your level of satisfaction with your final results.

A mini facelift can be paired with injectables such as Botox to ensure your forehead lines, frown lines, and smile lines are smoothed out. Similarly, dermal fillers such as Teosyal, Radiesse, or Dysport can take care of any hollow areas under your eyes or cheeks, fill in any lines around your mouth, or plump up your lips for a desirable facial profile. When you come in for your initial consultation in the comfort and privacy of our Mississauga office, we will assess your current skin condition and discuss what your end goals are so that we can work to achieve them together.

January 20, 2019

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