3 Celebrities Who Don’t Age



3 Celebrities Who Don’t Age

Whether they grace the big screen or the small, stars often dazzle us with Oscar or Emmy worthy performances. But sometimes the thing that most mystifies is how they seem to advance from year to year and decade to decade all the while looking as though they haven’t aged much, if at all.


Of course, you can be sure that these stars haven’t actually found some fountain of youth or a secret elixir available exclusively to the rich and famous. You can also be sure that these good looks are not just the function of good genes. Most of the time, they’re the result of plastic surgery.

Read on for our list of 3 celebrities who don’t age and be sure to share your picks for ageless wonders in the comment section following this blog post!

Jennifer Lopez

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez is not only a gorgeous bombshell, but also an ageless wonder. While currently divorced, she has been married three times and has three children, but the “Jenny from the Block” singer doesn’t seem to have a day when comparing pictures from when she was in her late 20s to now when she is in her mid-40s. While she has denied ever going under the knife, plastic surgery rumors have dogged her for years.

Kate Hudson

When looking at pics of Kate Hudson in her early 20s and mid-30s, you’d be hard pressed to find a difference. The actress, who was awarded a Golden Globe for her work in the movie Almost Famous, clearly belongs in the ranks of the ageless wonders among us.

Although she won’t confirm it, Kate has almost certainly had breast implants surgery and a nose job.

Pharrell Williams

Perhaps the reason the “Happy” singer is in such good spirits is because he’s managed to hold onto his youthful looks. While good genes appear to account for most of Pharrell’s having seemingly found a way to stop the aging process, there are rumors that he may have had a nose job.

Of course, there is no real fountain of youth, but some celebrities seem to stay young forever (or is that forever young?). One thing’s for certain, it looks as though many of these ageless wonders have cosmetic surgery to account for at least some of their good looks.

October 12, 2015

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