Can I Tattoo Over My Scars?



Can I Tattoo Over My Scars?

Tattoos can often be used to mask unflattering elements of a person’s skin, but one of the most common questions our experts have been receiving recently is, “Can I tattoo over my scars?”


This question is important to consider for those with sensitive scarred areas of their skin, so in this post we’ll answer this important question and provide more information on that tattooing process.

Considerations When Tattooing Over Scars

The good news is that YES, you can tattoo over that unsightly scar. But before doing so, it’s important to consider the effect the tattooing process will have on the scarred area. In making this consideration, the following factors should be reviewed:

  • The sensitivity of the scarred skin

Is the scarred area more sensitive than the skin in other areas of your body? If so, then it’s important to consider how painful the process might be when getting a tattoo. The sensitivity of the scarred skin might also make it more difficult or painful to erase the tattoo in future. And so if you do have an exceptionally sensitive area of scarring you’d like to tattoo, speak directly with your tattoo artist about potential options before making the final choice.

  • Integration might be preferred to covering up

Oftentimes, clients will achieve the ideal result from their tattoo by integrating the scar within the final design rather than covering it up. Covering up a scar with a tattoo requires the tattooist to consider all angles of the scar and how best to design the tattoo to completely block the entire area. Clients who integrate their scar within the final design of their tattoo are often exceptionally pleased with the result. This allows the person to take control of how people view their scar without covering up the area.

  • The age of the scar

For those with a recent scar, it might be more challenging to cover up the area or disguise the scar as result of the changes in the skin. Tattooing is generally an option for scars that have been on the skin for many years. But some specialists may be able to provide guidance for the camouflage of newer, more recent scars. We usually recommend waiting until at least one year post op.

To learn more on how to integrate scars within a tattoo design, speak with our specialists directly today!

November 2, 2015

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