Cosmetic Treatments for Your Hands



Cosmetic Treatments for Your Hands

Not only are the fine lines and wrinkles on our faces one of the easiest signs of aging, but we often forget about our hands. You are probably aware of a variety of cosmetic treatments that can give your face and body a more youthful appearance, but did you know that ones for your hands exist as well?

Cosmetic Treatments for Your Hands

McLean Clinic offers a variety of cosmetic treatments for your hands that can help rejuvenate your appearance so that you can trust them not to betray your age.

What Is the Hand Rejuvenation Procedure?

The natural aging process, as well as many other factors such as exposure to sunlight, will inevitably result in older looking hands. But that does not mean that we have to let them age prematurely. McLean Clinic’s hand rejuvenation procedures combine multiple treatments in order to give your hands a younger, more refreshed appearance. If you are suffering from any of the following conditions on your hands, hand rejuvenation might be the right treatment option for you:

  • Age, sun and liver spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Thin skin texture
  • Prominent veins, bones and ligaments
  • Loss of volume or firmness

What Cosmetic Treatments Are Involved in Hand Rejuvenation?

At McLean Clinic, our hand rejuvenation procedure can be individually tailored to suit your specific aesthetic needs. There are a variety of treatment options you can have done to completely revitalize the look of your hands, all of which will be discussed with you during your initial consultation at our clinic. You can opt for any of the following treatments, or a combination of them:

ProFractional Laser

The ProFractional Laser has the ability to restore a more youthful appearance to aging hands by effectively treating hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, discolouration, as well as sun damage. The laser technology targets the deepest layers of your skin in order to boost the production of collagen, which is what ultimately softens the factors that age your hands. The results of the treatment you can expect to see is smooth, firm, and plump looking skin.

BBL / IPL Photorejuvenation

BroadBand Light (BBL) and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Photorejuvenation works to minimize and correct the look of sun damage, age spots, uneven skin texture and broken blood vessels on your hands. The heat and light of the laser technology stimulate skin cells to boost the production of collagen. Many patients find the sensation of the laser tolerable and the feeling is likened to the feeling of a rubber band snapping on your skin.

Injectable Fillers

Injectable fillers restore lost volume to your hands as their fat decreases as you age. A minimally invasive procedure, you can expect almost no pain as most patients describe the sensation as a slight prick. With almost no downtime required, the results are worth it and will last for several months (typically between 9 to 12 months) before your body dissolves the injectable. You will likely need more treatments in the future in order to maintain your desired appearance.

Medical Grade Skin Care

A vital part of any hand rejuvenation procedure, medical-grade skincare is oftentimes the final factor needed to give your hands a more youthful appearance. Different from everyday over the counter products, medical-grade skincare contains the best high-quality ingredients you need that are only carried in dermatology clinics. At McLean Clinic, we offer the latest prescription skincare products that stimulate the production of healthy cell growth, as well as boost collagen and elastin production.

What Results Can You Expect from Hand Rejuvenation?

When you use a combination of our treatment options for total hand rejuvenation, you can expect to see younger, healthier-looking hands. Within just a few days of your first treatment, the appearance of your hands will greatly improve.

Common signs of aging such as age spots and sun damage can be corrected with the ProFractional Laser and BBL or IPL Photorejuvenation treatments. Adding naturally lost volume back to your hands with fillers will minimize the look of veins and bones. Medical grade skincare will give your hands the final boost that they need in order to achieve and maintain a youthful appearance you desire.

In order to achieve optimal results, you may require multiple sessions of the hand rejuvenation procedure. The right course of treatment will be determined during your free consultation.

Hand Cosmetic Treatments with McLean Clinic

McLean Clinic offers leading hand rejuvenation procedures that combine a variety of the best anti-aging treatments in order to give you the optimal results that you are looking for. Don’t just take care of your face, take care of your hands with McLean Clinic’s hand rejuvenation procedure. Contact us today to book your appointment!

September 24, 2019

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