Three Of The Best Botox Results In Famous Men



Three Of The Best Botox Results In Famous Men

Botox continues to be one of the most common treatments for wrinkling around the eyes and mouth. For the treatment of crow’s feet and other forms of facial wrinkles, men throughout the U.S. and Canada are now choosing Botox options. Its speed and the outstanding results achieved are two of the clear benefits the treatment provide men looking to enhance their appearance.


In this article, we’ll highlight three of the best Botox results achieved by famous men.

Ryan Seacrest

At age 40, Ryan Seacrest still has the look of a man in his late 20s-to early 30s. This is largely the result of using Botox on a regular basis.

Between 2000 and 2010, you couldn’t turn on your television set without seeing Ryan Seacrest’s beaming face. He was everywhere; hosting question and answer portions for the Oscars and presenting shows such as American Idol. In addition to his Botox treatment, Seacrest has also had numerous other surgical enhancements to uplift his appearance, including a nose job, helping to ensure Ryan retains his bright, handsome appeal into his 40s.

George Clooney

One of the most widely respected actors of his generation, George Clooney has been renowned for his silver haired appeal for many years, but his youthful skin has helped balance the look of his more mature hair colour. Many suspect that his skin’s appearance is the result of Botox injections over recent years.

There are also rumours that George Clooney has undergone Blepharoplasty in order to remove the bags under his eyes that appear in men of his age. At 54, George Clooney remains one of Hollywood’s most popular actors, and his latest physical enhancements will ensure he remains his peak aesthetic best for upcoming films.

Steve Martin

Steve Martin is an actor who has retained his box office appeal over several decades. He’s one of the few actors to be as popular now as he was back in the 1980s at the peak of his fame. Perhaps the secret to his popularity (besides his acting and comedic talent) are several Botox treatments that have helped the actor retain his youthful appearance. Like Clooney, Steve Martin had grey hair from a young age, and therefore Botox treatments have helped him retain a consistent look that audiences continue to find appealing as Steve now reaches his 70s.

As these men have proven, Botox can help men maintain their rugged good looks and poise over many years and at all ages. To learn more on the latest Botox treatments, speak with our expert team today!

November 16, 2015

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