4 Reasons To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair In The Winter



4 Reasons To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair In The Winter

If you’re sick of shaving and waxing, laser hair removal is the optimal choice. This safe procedure uses special lasers to stop hair growth almost permanently, leaving you with smooth, hairless skin. The best time to visit a hair removal clinic is when it’s cold out. Here are four reasons to get rid of unwanted hair in the winter.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

  1. Stop Worrying about Shorts and Tank TopsUnless you live near the equator, you will not be wearing shorts or tank tops during the winter. Your hair removal process takes place over several sessions (between three and six, depending on the area being treated), and there will be a few weeks when you’ll want to wear long sleeves and pants between sessions. Furthermore, laser hair removal leads to a shedding phase where hair will fall out naturally, and you won’t want to be wearing shorts when that happens.
  2. Tanned Skin Doesn’t Respond Well to the LasersIf you have a tan, whether it’s from the sun, a spray, or a tanning bed, the laser won’t be able to focus on the right areas. Because the lasers are designed to focus on pigmented parts of the skin (where the hair grows), if you’re tanned, the laser will target the wrong spots, removing some of your hair but not all. Moreover, when you’re tanned and undergo laser hair removal, you could end up with a minor skin irritation. However, a certified laser hair removal clinic will turn away anyone who is tanned, and ask them to return when their skin goes back to its normal pigment.
  3. It’s Easy to Avoid the SunIt’s easy to avoid the sun in the winter, so it should be easy to avoid getting tanned skin. In the summer, the sun is everywhere, but during the colder months it rises later and sets earlier, making it easy to avoid it. You will also need to avoid artificial tanning.
  4. Be Ready for SummerVisiting a laser hair removal clinic in the winter guarantees you’ll be hairless in the summer. The process takes several sessions that are spaced weeks apart, so by undergoing laser hair removal when it’s cold out, you will be ready by the time the warm weather hits.

Please contact us for more information regarding laser hair removal. There’s no better time than now to get a smooth, hairless physique.

December 26, 2017

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