Top 5 Methods to Remove Facial Hair



Top 5 Methods to Remove Facial Hair

Unwanted facial hair can be one of the most annoying things to deal with. Unlike leg hair, there is no hiding it under a pair of jeans once the cold weather comes. That means we’re left trying to figure out the best methods of removing facial hair so that we can feel confident and put our best face forward—literally.

Top 5 Methods to Remove Facial Hair

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 methods to remove facial hair. From tweezing to laser hair removal, there’s something for everyone!

Removing Facial Hair by Tweezing

Our moms standing at the bathroom mirror, plucking their eyebrows is a sight we’re all probably very familiar with. In fact, copying our mothers and tweezing our brows was probably the first method of facial hair removal we ever tried when we were younger. Since they are pretty commonplace in most households, tweezers are probably the easiest forms of facial hair removal that we all use to this day.

When you’re just looking to pluck a couple of strays from a localized area like your eyebrows or chin, a pair of tweezers can be your best friend. However, it is highly recommended that you are diligent in keeping them clean. You might be surprised to hear that you should clean them after every use, otherwise you can expect some serious bacteria buildup. It can end up on your skin, leading to breakouts we’ve worked hard to avoid.

Properly Waxing Your Facial Hair Away

Another very popular facial hair removal method is waxing. Waxing works by pulling your hair out at the roots so the results last longer, and the hair that grows back is typically softer than before. You can use either soft wax or hard wax. Soft wax is applied to the targeted area and then pulled off using clothing strips, whereas hard wax is applied on its own and it pulled off without the aid of a cloth. Waxing can be done on pretty much every part of your face, including your upper lip, brows, cheeks, and chin.

You can either have this done professionally or do it yourself at home. Which practice you choose will likely depend on how much self-inflicted pain you can manage! The discomfort levels associated with waxing doesn’t make this facial hair removal method the right option for everyone. A word of warning: if waxing isn’t done correctly, it can result in an incomplete extraction, which can cause the skin surrounding the hair shaft to become inflamed, eventually leading to ingrown hairs. It will take some practice to get it right if you’re attempting to do it at home.

Shaving Facial Hair for Women

Most women are hesitant to use shaving as a method to remove facial hair, which is most likely a result of old wives’ tales about shaved hair growing back coarser and thicker than before. However, this myth is exactly that; a myth. The reason why it may seem like the hair is getting thicker is because when you shave, the follicle gets cut in half, making it pricklier.

Many women are fans of shaving as a viable facial hair removal option. If you are interested in trying it out as well, you just have to make sure to take certain precautions so that you don’t irritate your skin and cause more problematic issues.

Allow your skin to soften in the shower and shave while you’re either in the shower or right afterwards. The steam will help soften the strands and to further help, use a pre-shave oil. For the actual shave, use a two-blade razor, as they are used to target more sensitive areas. After, make sure to apply a hydrating moisturizer to soothe your skin and avoid any redness or irritation.

Laser Hair Removal

While all these methods to remove facial hair can get the job done, they are only temporary solutions. For more permanent removal of your facial hair, you might want to consider a cosmetic procedure such as laser hair removal. Hair follicles are targeted with intense bursts of light, which is then absorbed into the follicle, essentially killing it.

Laser hair removal can be completed on any part of the body, including your face. It works best on individuals who have dark hair and lighter complexions, as the laser requires contrast in order to know where to target its power. Additionally, in order to see the best results, multiple treatment sessions are required, typically spaced 6 weeks apart.

You can book your appointment to get rid of your facial hair through laser hair removal with McLean Clinic.

Facial Hair Removal with Electrolysis

Electrolysis is another permanent facial hair removal treatment. Instead of targeting a large surface area, electrolysis works by using concentrated heat to ablate one hair follicle at a time with an ultra-thin needle. Very little aftercare is required, however, you may experience slight skin irritation and redness for a few hours following your treatment. Most people are able to return to their daily activities right away.

This is a great option for anyone who wants a permanent facial hair removal solution, but laser hair removal isn’t an option. This is because unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis works on light, fine hairs. Multiple treatment sessions are necessary in order to achieve optimal, more permanent results. Once the hair has been removed, you will not need to book an appointment ever again.

September 18, 2019

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