5 Habits That Cause Breasts To Sag



5 Habits That Cause Breasts To Sag

Studies have revealed that breast tissue tends to age between two to three years faster than other body tissue. This is an unavoidable fact of life. Biology is unalterable, but your daily habits, which may also be contributing to breast sagging, certainly are not. Below are five habits that cause breasts to lower that you may not have known about.

Habits That Causes Breasts To Sag

  1. Smoking. Aside from being all around detrimental to your health, smoking is a major contributor to the loss of skin elasticity. Smoking not only causes sagging, it also reduces the amount of collagen in your skin and decreases blood circulation.
  2. Bad posture. Bad posture is not only terrible for your back, but, subsequently, your breasts. Bad posture forces your breasts to sit in an unnatural position for extended periods of time, which contributes to sagging. Make a point of correcting your posture when you feel you are slouching, or feel your shoulders drawing inwards.
  3. Lack of exercise and improper support while exercising. Lack of exercise means less chest muscles, which means less support for your breasts. Improper support while exercising in the form of a sports bra, especially for women with large breasts, will cause breasts to sag. This holds especially true for women who run a lot, as the constant up and down motion pulls and stretches the skin.
  4. Lack of sunscreen. UV rays are just bad for the skin. They cause wrinkling and destroy collagen, which will lead to sagging if you do not protect yourself while you are enjoying your fun in the sun. The best way to protect yourself from this happening is to moderate your sun exposure and to liberally apply sunscreen when you are outside.
  5. Alcohol abuse. Alcohol, like smoking, damages skin elasticity, which is the prerequisite for firm, perky breasts. Drinking in moderation is enjoyable, but over-consumption contributes to your body only negatively.

Aging is inevitable and skin naturally begins to loosen and wrinkle. This doesn’t mean that your body will not respond to proper care as you age. If you keep the above considerations in mind when going about your daily life, you should be able to make sure that your breasts remain firm, perky and beautiful for as long as possible.

September 5, 2016

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