Five Exercises To Lift Your Eyes



Five Exercises To Lift Your Eyes

The signs of aging are tough to fight. Eye lift surgery is the perfect option for those looking to reduce the appearance of puffiness and baggy eyelids, and look younger. If you’re on the fence about having an eye lift, there are five exercises you can do to lift your eyes in the meantime.

Exercises To Lift Your Eyes

  1. Squint
    Sit up straight (or lie down straight) and place your index fingers at the outer corner of your eyes. Place your middle fingers in the eye’s inner corners. Apply gentle pressure while squinting and directing your gaze to the ceiling. Release and squint for 10 reps. The tricky part of this exercise is that you have to try and squint using only your lower eyelids. It’s hard to keep your upper eyelids open wide while only using your lower lids to squint. However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll really be working to get rid of puffiness and bags.
  2. Look
    For this exercise you’ll need a mirror. Sit or stand straight in front of the mirror. Keeping your fingers slightly curved, place your index fingers directly under your eyebrows. Then hold your eyebrows against your eye bone’s ridge. Close your eyelids while stretching the upper lids downwards, repeating five times. Pause on the fifth stretch and hold your eyes closed for six seconds. Relax your eyelids in a contracted position for three seconds before opening your eyes again. Repeat twice per day for best results.
  3. Dance
    This exercise is a coordinated dance for the eyes that can be done to music. You simply time your movements to the beat. Lift your eyebrows and close your eyes. Then, lower your eyebrows before opening them again. Do 10 reps but try and avoid contorting your face.
  4. Lift
    This is probably the easiest eye lift exercise you can do. Using your forefingers, press your lower eyelids upwards at the outer corners of the eyes. Hold the lifted position for six seconds, then release. Be gentle when you lift your eyelids. Ten reps is best.
  5. Frown
    Frown lines are why most people get face and eye lift surgery; however in this case, frowning will help you tone those eyes. To perform this exercise frown for six seconds and open your eyes as wide as you can. Do this for 10 reps.

Unfortunately, any eye exercises won’t yield permanent effects. The only way to reduce puffy, sagging eyes is with eye lift surgery. Luckily, this surgery requires minimal recovery time and reverses the signs of aging.

April 12, 2017

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