How To Know If Laser Hair Removal Is Right For You



How To Know If Laser Hair Removal Is Right For You

Laser hair removal is a procedure that removes most, if not all, of the hair from the treated area. It is considered a permanent procedure and is generally painless. Before you visit the closest laser hair removal clinic, you’ll probably want to know if this is the right procedure for you. Here’s how to find out:

How To Know If Laser Hair Removal Is Right For You

  1. Are you sick of shaving/waxing?
    It’s safe to assume that most people, women especially, are sick of shaving or waxing. Those are non-permanent hair removal processes that have to be repeated every few weeks and can be costly and time consuming. Laser hair removal only takes 3-7 sessions and is done every 4-6 weeks.
  2. Can you handle mild discomfort?
    For some people, visiting a laser hair removal clinic yields no pain. If you can handle the slight discomfort caused by the procedure, laser hair removal might be the right move for you. There may be some mild soreness and redness that appears after the procedure is done but that generally subsides within a day or two. One of the major benefits of laser hair removal, besides it’s minimal pain, is that you can go about your day afterwards because there is no recovery period.
  3. Are you hoping for long-term results?
    Waxing and shaving cannot give you long-term results. Hair grows back quickly after waxing and even faster after shaving. When you visit a laser hair removal clinic for your treatments, you will probably remain free of hair for months or even years. Furthermore, when/if the hair grows back, it is usually lighter and hardly noticeable.
  4. Do you have sensitive skin?
    Laser hair removal treatments have evolved over the years and can treat all skin types. However, if you have incredibly sensitive skin, you may blister after visiting a laser hair removal clinic. This is extremely rare but if you are prone to acne or other skin irritations, this may not be an ideal hair removal procedure for you.
  5. Have you met with a laser hair removal technician?
    The best way to determine if these treatments are right for you is to make an appointment at a laser hair removal clinic. You can meet the technicians and they will examine your skin thoroughly to determine if laser hair removal is an option for you. They can also answer any questions you may have regarding the procedure.
September 20, 2017

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