Important Lip Care Tips After Fillers



Important Lip Care Tips After Fillers

Lip fillers such as Juvederm lip injections create plump, beautiful lips. Although this is a minimally invasive procedure that produces amazing results, there are some aftercare instructions you should follow to ensure your lips don’t lose any volume immediately following your injections.

 Important Lip-Care Tips After Fillers

The Lips Are Sensitive

In general, lip fillers have a numbing agent mixed in to help quell any discomfort at the injection site. However, our lips are very sensitive, and it’s common to feel a little pinch or weird sensation at the injection site. Furthermore, our lips are vascular (veiny) and delicate, so that you may experience swelling and bruising. This is completely normal and not a cause for concern. Don’t worry, your lips will not be bruised and swollen for very long, these side effects dissipate fairly quickly. Just remember not to panic or massage your lips (more on that below).

Do Not Massage!

Swollen, bruised lips are normal immediately following lip fillers like Juvederm lip injections. After you’ve completed your treatment, do not massage your lips. Even the slightest massage can minimize the amount of volume created by the filler, because you could inadvertently squish the filler or move it out of place, causing an uneven result.

Ice Is a Must

You will be given ice at the clinic, or you will be asked to ice your lips right away after the injections. Ice will keep bruising and swelling to a minimum. To ensure the best possible results, ice should be applied to the lips throughout the day following your procedure.

Keep Your Head up

On the night following your procedure, you should sleep with an extra pillow. Keeping you head elevated will help the swelling go down.

Besides the aforementioned aftercare instructions, there are other things to consider when getting fillers such as Juvederm lip injections.

  • Don’t have your injections done the day of a big event, have them done a week or at least five days before, so you don’t attend your event with swollen lips.
  • Don’t consume alcohol or use tobacco products immediately after your injections.
  • Don’t wear lipstick the day following your injections.
  • Do come back for more injections in about 6-9 months (some people’s fillers even last as long as a year!).
  • Do have realistic expectations about the outcome (don’t be disappointed if you don’t have a luscious pout à la Kylie Jenner immediately following your injections, results take a day or two).

Contact us about our lip fillers, such as Juvederm lip injections, for a plumper, voluminous pout.

January 22, 2018

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