Which Celebrities Get Lip Injections?



Which Celebrities Get Lip Injections?

Lip injections are one of the leading techniques for adding volume to a person’s lips. The procedure has become increasingly common in recent years as treatment results continue to improve. Now, many of Hollywood’s most renowned celebrities have undergone lip injection treatment, and within this article, we’ll present an overview on the celebrities that have achieved great success through the procedure.

Celebrities Get Lip Injections

Kylie Jenner

While Kylie was still a teenager, her lips seemed to have doubled in size in a short space of time. This led to increasing speculation that she had undergone injections to improve the volume of her lips. She recently admitted that she’d undergone the treatment process for temporary lip fillers, because she felt insecure about having thinner lips. Kylie’s lips look better than ever and she’s proud to show off the results at fashion events around the world.

Jennifer Hudson

The Dreamgirls actor has recently admitted she underwent surgery during her early years of fame, around the time she was starring in the Dreamgirls movie that made her a household name. She noticed that there was a small dent in her lip during shooting for Dreamgirls, and she felt the dent would impact how people perceive her on camera. While Jennifer Hudson has naturally beautiful lips, she had the dent filled using lip injections and she pulled off the performance of her lifetime during the Dreamgirls movie.

Ellie Goulding

The British musician is widely renowned for her singing ability, but it was her appearance that garnered a lot of the attention at the 2016 Grammy’s. Fans noticed Ellie’s lips were significantly fuller and shapelier during the awards show. She’s clearly undergone some form of lip injections and her updated lips are now a standout feature.

Jessica Simpson

While rarely in the limelight anymore, Jessica Simpson was one of the pioneers for the lip injection procedure. She experimented with Restylane as early as 2005 when the product was still in its infancy and few outside of the cosmetic field had heard of lip injections. While Jessica has naturally full lips, her surgery helped reshape her smile and made her one of the icons of the 2000s for many fans.

By reviewing the latest techniques harnessed by favourite celebrities, you can see the trends within the cosmetic marketplace. These techniques are not solely the domain of the rich and famous any longer. If you’re interested in learning more about lip injections, contact our trusted team today.

April 25, 2016

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