5 Tips For Maintaining Liposuction Results



5 Tips For Maintaining Liposuction Results

Although liposuction is a permanent cosmetic procedure, its positives can deteriorate over time if not maintained properly. That’s because the fat cells removed during the procedure cannot grow back but if you don’t watch what you eat and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can develop new fat cells in those areas.

5 Tips For Maintaining Liposuction Results

Don’t fret! Maintaining liposuction results is easy if you follow these five tips:

1. A healthy diet is the best diet

To keep your gorgeous new contours, ensure that you are eating well. This means consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables, and lean protein like fish and chicken. Avoid excess salt, saturated fats and refined sugar, and stick to whole grains. If this is something you’re struggling with, a nutritionist can create a meal plan for you to follow.

2. Stay hydrated

Our bodies are about 60% water so we need to stay hydrated to maintain adequate body fluid levels, digestion, nutrient absorption and regulate our body temperature. Plus, the more hydrated you are, the more alert you will be. This doesn’t mean you have to avoid your morning cup of joe, but should still limit your caffeine intake throughout the day by replacing that second coffee with a glass of water.

3. Avoid skipping meals

It’s a common misconception that skipping meals leads to weight loss. This isn’t true. You need to eat so you can fuel your body and maintain your liposuction results. Eat three meals a day plus two snacks or six small meals to make sure your body doesn’t enter starvation mode. When we skip meals, we get tired fast and our body starts storing fat because it thinks it’s going to be a while before it eats again. Skipping meals can also lead to high blood pressure, dizziness and migraines.

4. Get in shape

Regular exercise is the ideal way to maintain liposuction results. Do a mix cardio and strength training to get the most out of your workout. On the days that you can’t fit in a workout, take the stairs or park farther away from your destination so you can walk a bit.

5. Listen to your surgeon

You should take what your cosmetic surgeon says as gospel. They will give you comprehensive instructions to follow so you’re able to recover properly from your liposuction procedure. If you don’t follow their advice, you can injure yourself or develop an infection.

Maintaining liposuction results doesn’t have to be difficult, just be conscious of what you put in your body, but most importantly, it’s about loving and treating yourself with respect. To learn more about our liposuction procedures, call us today at 866-731-0431 or contact us here.

June 2, 2018

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