4 Ways Megan Fox Changed Her Look



4 Ways Megan Fox Changed Her Look

Best known for her roles in the Transformers franchise, Megan Fox skyrocketed to fame in just a short period of time. As often happens with actresses experiencing sudden popularity, her looks changed just as quickly as her social status did!

While Fox hasn’t openly admitted to cosmetic surgery as a means to enhance her appearance, it’s obvious to plastic surgery professionals that Fox has gone under the knife several times in the past few years.

But what exactly has she had done? These subtle changes seem so minute that it’s hard for the untrained eye to pinpoint, but our team has identified four procedures that have definitely added to her signature look.


    1. Rhinoplasty

Prior to 2008, Megan Fox had a natural, pretty “beach babe” look about her. Still quite young, she began her experiments with cosmetic procedures with a nose job before the 2008 MTV Movie Awards. A narrower bridge and more defined tip fit the standard Hollywood strategy of downplaying the nose in order to draw more attention to the actress’ eyes while on camera. The effect of the procedure was dramatic, and many began to call attention to her resemblance to Angelina Jolie.

    1. Lip filler

Following the success of the first Transformers movie, the star attempted to create a more mature look for herself by using lip fillers. This practice began in 2009 and culminated in 2010 with the extremely pumped up lips that gave her entire appearance a somewhat soft appearance.

    1. Injectables

Around this time, she also began to experiment with the facial fillers that really define her appearance. The results of the fillers gave her a more mature look, landing her in roles in moves that went on to be nominated for Golden Globe Awards.

    1. Laser resurfacing

It looks as though Fox has undergone very successful laser resurfacing treatments to correct acne scars and lighten her freckles. This has combined with the fillers to make her look established without appearing older than she is; an important distinction in an industry where women are quickly put out to pasture when they pass a certain age.

While she has not been seen on the red carpet nearly as much since becoming a mom, Megan Fox is still well-loved and her perfected appearance is likely to appear on the big screen many times in the upcoming years.

August 5, 2015

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