Volbella: A New Way to Make Lips Fuller and More Attractive



Volbella: A New Way to Make Lips Fuller and More Attractive

Lip AugmentationBeautiful lips are one of the most sought after aesthetic feature. Most women (and an increasing number of men) are recognizing the benefits of fuller lips in enhancing their facial features. But fuller lips can be difficult if you choose the wrong procedure.

There are a number of ways that you can achieve fuller lips, and each one has its own benefits. Knowing which procedure is right for you will give you the absolute best results!

Enhancing the Lips

Many patients who seek to enhance their lips are concerned about the results they’ll get. Full lips are a beautiful feature to any face, but if done incorrectly, the procedure can take away from the aesthetics of your face.

Lip augmentation procedures have been used successfully by many people to add healthy volume to lips, while removing the fine lines that commonly form around the mouth.

Although collagen has traditionally been used to augment the lips, newer options are providing safer and longer lasting results for patients.

The Volbella Solution for Fuller Lips

A new filler has appeared on the market and is proving to be a superior alternative to collagen. Juvederm Volbella is a filler that is being used in many lip augmentation procedures. It contains Hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance that increases the volume of the lips, while adding structure and shape for the most natural results.

The use of hyaluronic acid-based products also allows practitioners to have more control in the results they get with their clients. This has led to more natural results that last longer.

Patients also benefit from Volbella’s inclusion of Lidocaine. This reduces the discomfort normally associated with lip augmentation, making it a far more pleasant alternative treatment.

In addition, Volbella is unique in that it includes the patented Vycrosstechnology. This makes it possible to achieve more significant results that last longer.

Using Volbella provides a wide range of benefits for patients:

  • Eliminate hard-to-treat “smoker’s lines”
  • Enhance the “M” section of the middle-upper lip, also known as Cupid’s Bow
  • Accentuate the outline of the lips (vermillion border)
  • No downtime for recovery
  • Reduced discomfort compared to other procedures
  • Increased softness and smoothness
  • Easy and pain-free application
  • Less swelling than traditional fillers

Using Volbella for lip augmentation has resulted in a high rate of patient satisfaction. Those who have undergone treatment with Volbella report a 90% satisfaction rate.

Traditional fillers tend to lose their results over time. Yet patients maintain their results after a full year with Volbella, doubling the results of other fillers.

September 5, 2014

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