Best Methods To Remove Facial Hair



Best Methods To Remove Facial Hair

At a time when trends such as “Bearding” and “No-Shave November” have reached unprecedented levels of popularity, the thought of permanently removing facial hair may seem to go against the grain. That is, if you are a man.

Permanent Facial Hair Removal Techniques

Granted there are many men who prefer the clean-shaven look over stubble and the famous mountain man look, a majority of women in the Western world agree the absence of hair on their face is a must.

Stubborn peach fuzz on the lips and other common areas is a nuisance that many ladies battle on the regular; just when you thought waxing was doing the trick, those pesky hair follicles come back for another round. While the amount and location of facial hair differs by individual, there are a number of removal methods that are designed to keep the growth from returning.

These permanent techniques fare much better for patients in the long-term compared to routine removal alternatives such as shaving, waxing, and plucking. After a few treatments, you will have finally won the war against unwanted facial hair!

Getting Rid of Facial Hair for Good

    • Laser Hair Removal

Having been around now for many years, nothing says ‘permanent’ quite like laser removal. As the popularity of this procedure has skyrocketed, so too has the technology behind it.

Cosmetic surgeons work with and have access to much more advanced tools, thus giving them what they need to effectively eradicate even the most stubborn of hair follicles. Understandably so, the face is one of the most common areas for laser removal; the procedure is safe, quick and typically only requires a few sessions for permanent results to show (or not show).

    • Use Homemade Face Masks

Granted this is something you need to do on a regular basis, use of natural materials such as gram flour, curd, and turmeric powder can have extraordinary results over time. While they can’t give you the same results you would find in a cosmetic clinic, together they form a paste that helps remove hair and leaves your face looking fresh and smooth.

    • Make a Cup of Spearmint Tea

Hair growth is naturally tied to the production of the hormone androgen. One way women can reduce the levels of androgen in their bodies is to drink two cups of spearmint tea every day. Most doctors recommend sticking to this routine for a week, but of course the more often you drink it, the better the results will be.

Laser hair removal is without a doubt the best permanent solution to unwanted hair currently available. There’s definitely no shortage of natural methods to consider, but the goal of this cosmetic treatment is to get rid of the hair on your face fast, and keep it that way forever.

June 4, 2015

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