How has Breast Augmentation Become Safer Over Time?



How has Breast Augmentation Become Safer Over Time?

How has Breast Augmentation Become Safer Over Time?

Breast Augmentation Become Safer Over Time

The practice of breast augmentation has seen many changes over the past few decades.  From saline implants to high-tech silicone inserts, the surgery has certainly had its share of experimentation and success.  Over the years, breast augmentation has become a much safer procedure.  This is largely due to better research, and a spike in opportunities to observe case studies over a longer period of time.

Back in 1992, silicone gel implants were pulled off the market.  There were fears that these inserts could cause cancer and connective tissue disorders.  But some 14 years later, after much research, the FDA approved the use of silicone implants.  Soon after, Canada followed suit.  This became a hugely popular option amongst women looking to enlarge their breasts.  It was often seen as the safer choice compared to traditional saline (salt water) implants.

Since the re-introduction of silicone, even more research has been done by specialists to track its long-term effects.  Since 2006, the FDA and Health Canada have been collecting rigid data from surgeons across North America.  When implants were first introduced in the 1960s, this type of data was not available nor even collected.  When women began to complain of health issues stemming from silicone and saline implants, the industry did not know how to react.  Thus, lawsuits were filed and the industry was forced to pay out millions of dollars to ill patients.

Over the past 5-10 years, however, the accusations that breast implants are unsafe have somewhat died down.  This is largely due to the technological advances available to surgeons and the ongoing research that is performed within the cosmetic surgery industry.  Silicone implants in particular have experienced much modernization.  These implants now have a thicker, more durable wall – resisting leakage.  The implants also have a gummy-bear like texture, allowing the materials to stick to themselves instead of leaking out into the body.

About six months ago, researchers at the University of Akron announced they had created an ever safer breast implant that could also detect/fight cancer at the same time.  The team had developed a new type of material that could be used as the shell of a breast implant.  Diagnostic agents that detect the presence of cancerous cells, as well as cancer-fighting drugs, could then be embedded into this rubber shell and released into the body.  This is just one example of the type of innovation taking place in the industry today.  It is this type of forward-thinking that is making breast augmentation even safer over time.

Like all cosmetic procedures, there is risk associated with this type of surgery.  However, at McLean Clinic, we use only the safest techniques available to ensure your health is never compromised.  Breast augmentation is a relatively simple procedure that typically takes one hour.  You’d be surprised just how modernized and safe today’s gel implants have become.   Speak to Dr. McLean today to choose the right implant style for you.

August 16, 2013

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