Three Day Face Lift



Three Day Face Lift

Face Lift Plastic Surgery

For those who suffer from sagging skin of the neck and jowl area and want to look years younger, there is the option of a facelift. Many people, especially women, who are frustrated with these tell-tale signs of aging, opt for a facelift to rejuvenate their appearance.

Traditionally, a facelift requires a lengthy recovery period.  It is not a simple procedure that you can have done on your lunch break and come right back to work. In fact, you may have to take several weeks off work in order to heal. During that time, you may experience significant swelling and bruising.

What if you could get a full facelift without the lengthy downtime? It is now possible. Dr. McLean offers the Three Day Face Lift for those active lives that make a traditional facelift next to impossible. If you have an important social event coming up and want to look as beautiful as possible, see how the Three Day Face Lift can benefit you.

What Does the Three Day Face Lift Do?

Although it is easier than a traditional facelift and offers a faster recovery, the Three Day Face Lift is not a mini facelift. It is a full facelift. It can rejuvenate the jowls, neckline and cheeks as we tighten the skin and the muscle beneath it. We help by restoring a more youthful appearance that looks as natural as possible. The result is a firmer, smoother neck and tighter jawline.

What Does It Entail?

At the McLean Clinic, we strive to make the facelift process as easy as possible. The surgery is performed at our private, accredited facility and patients are released that same day. We offer a variety of medications for each patient’s needs. When we perform our face lift, we hide the incisions so well that nobody will notice you had work done. There are no tubes, drains or bandages to deal with. There is no fear of major bruising, allowing you to shower and style your hair the very next day.

Are You a Good Candidate?

As we age, our skin starts to sag, especially in the facial area. This often leads to the infamous “turkey neck” look. If you want to avoid this look, a Three Day Face Lift may be the way to go. It can help you look younger and give you a more refreshed appearance. If you are ready to experience youth, give us a call at 905-273-4888.

August 21, 2013

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