Are Celebrity Excuses for Plastic Surgery Legit?



Are Celebrity Excuses for Plastic Surgery Legit?

For actors, socialites, and other Hollywood celebrities, there is some expectation to appear attractive. Some are born with their looks and others turn to cosmetic surgery for a little help. Although common, many stars are not open about the procedures they’ve had. Below are 5 stars who’ve given their reasons for going under the knife and a look at whether it all adds up.

Ashley TisdaleHigh School Musical breathes a sigh of relief

In pictures of Tisdale before the procedure, her nose is visibly curved, which is a sign that her breathing may be impaired. After the rhinoplasty, the bridge of her nose is straighter, which would help her nose-breathing. Tisdale claimed the nose job corrected her deviated septum, although it’s apparent that non-medical work was also done, such as reshaping the tip and repositioning the bones.


Kristin ChenowethKeep calm and carry on wrinkle-free

There are different types of Botox with diverse effects on the body. Onabotulinum Toxin A has been shown to reduce a variety of bodily pain, including migraines. A migraine is the pain and inflammation caused by the expansion of the artery underneath the temples. Injections are made into the scalp and neck to relieve the headaches. Kristin Chenoweth’s persisting migraines are reportedly treated by regular treatments of Botox, however it seems that she’s also had some work done to the skin on her forehead and around her eyes.


Amanda BynesThe child star grows into her skin

Rhinoplasty can alter the bone and cartilage, dramatically changing the shape of a nose. Amanda Bynes’ motivation for her nose job is to correct a birth defect and look her best for her future husband. The birth defect allegedly was web-like skin between her eyes. Typically, the procedure would not correct excess skin so the reasoning seems flimsy.


Rose McGowan The thorn in your rose

Cheek and lip injections are effective at treating scars but facelifts are not. Rose McGowan suffered injuries to her face in an automobile accident and revealed that the injections and facelift were for treating the scars. It wouldn’t be surprising if her doctor used injectables, but McGowan is uncharacteristically young for a facelift.


Grin and bear it

Bristol Palin attributed her new look to the corrective jaw surgery she had for medical purposes. Although it’s not clear a medical condition existed beforehand, which would impede chewing and induce jaw pain, Palin’s appearance has been significantly enhanced by the procedure.

March 14, 2014

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