Can Teenagers Get Plastic Surgery?



Can Teenagers Get Plastic Surgery?

The plastic surgery craze has permeated the world; an industry that was once reserved for a limited number of wealthy clientele (think Hollywood celebrities) is now available to the general public in wide degree.

Teenagers & Plastic Surgery

People from all walks of life are signing up for procedures ranging from nose jobs to Botox injections to hair transplants and more, and age of patients seeking these and other cosmetic services has reached new extremes, both young and old.

It’s easy to determine a ‘too old’ age when it comes to patients. If a doctor sees the procedure as a health risk for an individual, it’s likely that they will refrain from doing it. But how do you decide what is too young? Should people still in their teenage years be allowed to get plastic surgery?

How Young is Too Young? Is Plastic Surgery OK for Teens?

Much like some adults are slow to mature, some children are fast to grow. There are kids that aren’t trusted to be alone in their homes until they near 13, while others can start self-babysitting at 10. We all develop at different rates, and the ability to make responsible decisions falls into line with that.

As long as a patient has finished growing, is interested in a cosmetic procedure for the right reasons, is responsible enough to make the decision and has parents who are supporting their decision, many doctors will perform plastic surgery on teenagers.

Youth Numbers are on the Rise

A recent study found that in 2014, 236,000 cosmetic procedures in North America involved individuals aged 19 and younger, with nose jobs, breast alterations (augmentation or reduction), and the correction of protruding ears being among the most popular operations.

As far as whether teens can legally get plastic surgery, the answer is yes, so long as the doctor is licensed to perform work on minors, and pending the parents sign an agreement confirming their consent, much the same as when a teenager under the age of 16 wants to get a tattoo.

Furthermore, most doctors adhere to strict guidelines put in place by plastic surgery associations and organizations that govern their practices, and it is up to their discretion to determine whether the particular patient is a worthwhile candidate.

Factors like whether the individual is mature enough (physically, mentally, and emotionally) are indeed taken into consideration by the operating physician. If the teenager is not believed to have realistic expectations or has abnormal reasons for wanting the procedure (such as striking a better pose in a selfie), then it’s likely that the doctor will not perform it.

April 1, 2015

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