Can you Tighten your Skin without Surgery?



Can you Tighten your Skin without Surgery?

aging is a natural process that we all go through but unfortunately, some pass through it more gracefully than others.


Natural events like weather, environment, stress, and pregnancy weight gain and loss will eventually begin to show themselves around your eyes, jaw, and neck in the form of wrinkles and saggy skin.

Getting a facelift does wonders to remove this skin from your face, but it requires extra money and healing time that some people simply can’t afford. Here are some ways to tighten your skin without getting cosmetic plastic surgery.


Thermage is a one-time non-surgical procedure that uses radiofrequency waves to stimulate collagen production to plump up the skin and reduce wrinkles. Your body will continue to produce more collagen for up to six months after the treatment, and effects last up to one whole year. And that’s just with one visit! You can return to work right away so you don’t have to worry about booking time off, and the effects have proven to be very natural looking.

Skin Resurfacing

Slightly more intense than thermage is microdermabrasion combined with epidermal peels, which remove the outer layers of skin on your face and neck to reveal younger, healthier, more supple skin.

When skin cells get older, they dry out and lose elasticity. These procedures strip away these old skin cells and promote the development of newer cells that have more strength, stretch, and volume. You can get back to work looking young and youthful after just a couple days of rest.


This treatment is through a process of gentle heat and light stimulation that works to firm the skin and even out the complexion.

There is basically no down time post-treatment, and afterward the skin looks much stronger and healthier. Wrinkles are less obvious and some fine lines all but disappear.

Skin Care

Finally, the best way to deal with wrinkles, saggy skin, and coloured spots as you age is to take better care of your skin in the first place. The most important thing you need to remember is to focus on preventing the skin damage in the first place.

Indulge yourself by spending the extra money to get medical-grade skin care that greatly encourages collagen stimulation and cell turnover. This will make your skin stronger and more resilient to wrinkles and skin damage in the first place, so when you do begin to see the signs of aging, they will be much easier to treat.

October 10, 2014

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