How Common is Plastic Surgery Today as Opposed to 10 or 20 Years Ago?



How Common is Plastic Surgery Today as Opposed to 10 or 20 Years Ago?

Plastic surgery has rapidly grown in popularity over the last 20 years. The growing popularity is due to a number of factors including social norms, improved techniques and mass media.

Plastic Surgery

As more individuals choose to undergo plastic surgery and get great results, the trend continues to rise. But what exactly has fueled this significant growth in its popularity?

Origins of Plastic Surgery

Prior to the last 20 years, plastic surgery was not a common procedure for most people, but the practice has a history that’s over 100 years old.

Plastic surgery didn’t appear until World War I. Soldiers who suffered serious trauma underwent procedures to repair limbs and other areas of injury. As a result, its use only existed in the area of trauma.

The techniques were not what they are today, further limiting its use. Surgeons of the time were unable to fully restore a patient’s appearance after injury. So its use for cosmetic purposes was non-existent.

Changes in the Industry

With time, the techniques used in plastic surgery have improved and the materials used have evolved, making it possible to broaden the application of plastic surgery procedures.

Developments such as skin grafts allowed various body parts to be treated in a number of new ways. The use of silicone also became a major component in plastic surgery.

Surgeons of the 1960’s were able to spread the idea of cosmetic surgery once the techniques allowed them to enhance an individual’s appearance. But its acceptance into the mainstream consciousness didn’t widely occur until the 1980’s.

The New Era of Plastic Surgery

The popularity of plastic surgery has been cemented by the role of mass media, as celebrities have made it an integral part of maintaining their appearance and their careers.

The public’s opinions on plastic surgery, coupled with mass advertising, have shifted the ways in which society views cosmetic procedures. It is now widely accepted as reasonable option for common physical issues including body weight, asymmetrical features, and aging.

Although previously considered exclusively for women, more and more men are undergoing plastic surgery. Many men report using surgery as a way of enhancing their career opportunities in the corporate world.

Less invasive procedures have also made it more appealing to the public, making plastic surgery safer and reducing its recovery time has it as a popular option for those looking to enhance their appearance despite previous reservations.

Plastic surgery will continue to grow in popularity. The ease and minimal recovery time that is now available with most procedures, along with the improved results they provide, will only fuel its growing acceptance in society.

August 12, 2014

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