How Long is the Recovery Time of a Face Lift?



How Long is the Recovery Time of a Face Lift?

Pleasure never comes without a bit of pain, and facelifts really are no exception. While the pain associated with face lifts is minimal, if you want to shave years off your face through this cosmetic surgical procedure, you have to prepare yourself to take a bit of time off work to let your body heal.

Face Lift Recovery Time

But how long should you expect to wait before feeling like your old self again?

Puffiness, swelling, and bruising are very normal to experience within the first couple of days after getting a facelift. You should take the time to relax and let your body heal naturally.

About a week after surgery your dissolving stiches should start to disappear. The skin near your hairline tends to heal a bit slower, so you might need to give stitches in this area a few extra days.

Everyone heals at different rates and one of the most important things you could do during the first few weeks post-op is simply listen to your body. Take plenty of rest, drink lots of water, and try to consume the most nutrient-rich foods you can.

You probably won’t want to leave the house much (except to see the doctor for your follow-up appointments), so prepare your home with new books, magazines, and other relaxing activities. Keeping your stress low and your blood pressure stable will help speed up the healing process!

You’ll also need more rest (because your body is focusing on healing your face), so don’t be surprised if you tire more easily!

Depending on the person, full recovery time for a facelift runs anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, even though most of the general bruising and swelling should be minimal after a week. You should be back to work within two or three weeks and can use make-up products to cover up bruising if there is any r.

One alternative to this lengthy healing process is to try a three-day facelift. This innovative surgery has all the benefits of a full lower facelift with a fraction of the healing time. This is the ideal surgery for those of us who can’t afford to take weeks or months off of work (or life in general) to properly heal. Which, let’s face it, is most of us!

A three-day facelift tightens the neck, the jaw, and the jowls for a younger, fresher appearance without dealing with tubes, excessive swelling, major bruises, and removable stitches. You can get back to being you in record speed!

November 3, 2014

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