How Old are Most Women Who Undergo a Mommy Makeover?



How Old are Most Women Who Undergo a Mommy Makeover?

Any age can be suitable for a mommy makeover. The age range is diverse, starting from as young as 18 right up and even beyond age 70! There are many considerations that often go along with age.

Mommy Makeover

Have you had your last child?

Some parents have their children several years apart, if not more. You should be confident that your family size is stable before taking the steps towards a mommy makeover. During and after pregnancy, the mother’s body changes in weight. The torso swells to accommodate the baby, and breastfeeding means engorged breasts for months after childbirth. It’s possible to have a mommy makeover between pregnancies, but the effects won’t last as long or be as ideal. As everyone has a different timeline when it comes to family planning, women of different ages will choose to have the mommy makeover.

Achieving stable weight

The mommy makeover is partly a tummy tuck. Tummy tucks work best when the ideal weight has been achieved. If you’ve had your last child but haven’t reached your goal weight, you should wait until you can reach that weight. Slow and steady dieting and exercise will help ensure that you will keep the weight off. Yo-yo dieting isn’t ideal and it’s not good for health either.

Waiting for the right time for the procedure

Some women have children at an earlier age. The benefit of having the mommy makeover sooner as opposed to waiting is that you’ll have a body similar to your peers without children. You can lead lifestyles similar to your friends without feeling the need to stay covered up. In that sense, you’ll experience the benefits of surgery sooner rather than later.

It’s rarely too late for the mommy makeover procedure. If you started your family later on in life, that doesn’t mean you should settle for a body that’s not as you imagined. You will need to be in general good health to consider the procedure. The tummy tuck will not only address sagging from pregnancy, it also tightens loose skin from aging. Similarly, the breast lift will help with natural aging. For women who want 60 to be the new 40, the mommy makeover will surely help.

July 25, 2014

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